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Outreach Services

Outreach services is a way that the Indiana State University Student Counseling Center (SCC) can help provide mental health related programming to our sycamore community.  Our outreach services look to provide services that focus on any developmental and educational needs of our students, faculty, and staff. At the SCC we collaberate with a number of different university oranizations to help meet any of their mental health programing needs. This allows the the SCC to continue to help create an environment for happy healthy Sycamores.

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Some of the past outreach services that the SCC has provided include:

  • Mental Health,COVID-19 edition
  • Responding to Student Emergencies
  • Helping a Sucidal Student
  • Dealing with Change
  • College Mental Health 101
  • Anxiety 101
  • Depression 101
  • Eating Disorders 101
  • Substance Abuse 101
  • College Sucess and Mental Health
  • Trauma Informed Care on College Caumpus
  • What is Beauty?
  • Cultivating Mindfulness

We are happy to try to create a presentation to best meet your needs as time can allow.

If you are interested in having a counselor from the SCC be present at an event or speak to a class please email Melissa Grinslade at least 3 weeks from the date of your program. We will do our best to accomidate your request. For further questions about our Outreach services please email Melissa Grinslade.

Other OutreachYoga


Melissa one of our SCC counselors is a certified Yoga instructor which, means that she can work with your organizaton or program by teaching a special yoga class such as active flow yoga, yoga nidra, and sleep yoga. Recently she has been taking her yoga teaching online through our IGTV to help promote physical, emotional, and spritual health during COVID-19. If your organization is interested in having her come in for your program please contact her by email. (click here)

Let's Talk

Let's Talk has been created to help students learn soft skills and promote mental health awarness. The SCC and programs around the university have created partenerships where counselors set up tabling events to address certain tops, teach mindfulness skills, to promote counseling center services. Chat Box outreach is a safe place to connect, learn coping skills, and find community. At this time we have Chat Box partnerships with with Honors students, International Students, LatinX students, LGBTQ+ students. We are hoping to expand this by providing similar Chat Box services across campus.

Flyers for Let's Talk



*It should be noted that students will be provided with limited services. They will not receive clinical care, a psychilogical evaluation, a diagnosis or a treatment plan. If students would like to recieve counseling/services they can call the Counseling Center at 812.237.3939 to make an appointment.

Screening Days

For the 2021-2022 school year, counselors from the SCC will set up tabling events in the library with screeners for various mental health issues. Such as: Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Addictions, Suicide and Eating Disorders. Our Fall dates can be found on the flyer below.

Wellness Wednesdays




Contact Info

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Terre Haute, IN 47809
Phone: 812.237.3939
Fax: 812.237.3964
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