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Supervisor Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have just hired a student to work in our office. What is the procedure for getting the student on payroll?

A student who has been hired for an hourly wage job will need to bring a Referral Form to Student Employment Programs. The employer needs to key in all information, except signatures. It is especially important that the Pay Rate/Hour is keyed for security reasons. Make sure that the student has the proper documents needed to process all paperwork as the student cannot start working until all paperwork has been completed. The Referral Form, direct deposit, and tax forms are forwarded to Payroll. A record will be created from the Referral Form into Banner, Kronos will be updated overnight, and then the student should be able to clock in.

2. I need to complete a Referral Form for a student I just hired, and I cannot find the form?

Referral Form

3. What documents do students need to bring to Student Employment Programs to complete the paperwork in order to begin working?

A referral form and the required documentation to complete the I-9, the list of acceptable documentation can be found here:

4. What if a student I want to hire (citizen/permanent resident) does not have a social security card, birth certificate, or an unexpired passport in his/her possession on campus?

The student will need to provide another form of documentation for verification using the list of acceptable documentation found here:

5. I want to hire an International student who does not have a social security number. How long will the student need to acquire a Social Security number?

Generally speaking the student should need approximately ten business days. Send the student to Student Employment Programs with the Referral Form (students with assistantships will not have to bring any paperwork). We will explain the procedure necessary for the student to acquire a social security number.

6. How soon after a student accepts a job offer can he/she begin working?

As soon as the student has completed all paperwork and provided all of the necessary documents to Student Employment Programs. Ask the student to bring back an Employment Verification Slip to ensure the student has completed everything required.

7. For what types of jobs do students need to have a Criminal Background Check?

You should request a Criminal Background Check for any student who will be working with children or minors, any student who will have access to confidential information, and any student who will be handling currency.

8. When can a student begin clocking into Kronos? If a student cannot yet clock into Kronos, who should we call?

After a student has turned in a Referral Form to Student Employment Programs, the form is then delivered to Payroll the next working day. Payroll has to enter the student’s information into Kronos. After an overnight update, the student should be able to clock in. All Kronos questions should be directed to the Payroll Department (x3533).

9. Do I have to post a student job on the Applicant Tracking System or can I just go ahead and hire someone?

All on-campus jobs including: undergraduate student positions, graduate assistantships and all off campus community service jobs must be posted on the Applicant Tracking System.

10. How do I post a job on the Applicant Tracking System?

Instruction for posting a job is located on the Student Employment Programs Supervisor's website

11. How long does it take for my job to be posted on the Applicant Tracking System?

Posting a job on the Applicant Tracking System is a process. The position is released to Student Employment Programs for review. Student Employment Programs will release the position for students to begin applying. Jobs will be released within two business days from the date received.

12. When I am ready to interview applicants for my job posting, do I contact the students concerning interview times, or does someone in Student Employment Programs do this for us?

Employers are responsible for contacting applicants and setting up interview times.

13. How long can I use the same job posting?

Employers should not leave a job on the Applicant Tracking System any longer than 30 days since students will not receive an automatic turndown e-mail until the job has been moved to historical.

14. If the job needs to be removed, who do I contact to do this?

Contact Brianne Karaszia at, and include in your email the NOV number.