How to Approve Courses

All courses taken while studying abroad convert to transfer credit, which is awarded upon completion of the program based on a transcript issued from an accredited academic institution (either a foreign university or a school of record in the United States).

Students who are participating in a study abroad program for transfer credit will be enrolled in a IS 398 space holder course for the study abroad term. Enrollment in IS 398 indicates to ISU that you are participating in a study abroad program as an ISU student, and will receive the indicated credit hours upon completion of the program. In order to ensure that transfer credit from study abroad program counts toward specific degree requirements, students must receive approval from appropriate departments through the course approval process.

Approved course lists are updated every semester and are a resource for researching course options abroad. However, it is strongly advised that you look at the course offerings found on the host university's website, as it will have the most up to date listing of offering for your specific study abroad semester. Visit the Destinations page to find links to their websites.

If your host university offers a course that is not listed on the approved course lists, you may still receive credit for that class. You will need to work with your Study Abroad Advisor and/or Academic Advisor to approve courses for ISU credit.

Many advisors require the course syllabus or description when approving courses for credit transfer.  Please work with the Study Abroad office and your host university to get courses approved in a timely manner.  

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