Academic Credit Transfer

All students participating in study abroad programs are required to complete an Academic Planning Form (APF).

The APF provides us with the ISU equivalent credit you have obtained approval to receive for each of the courses you will take while studying abroad. When the Education Abroad Office receives your study abroad transcript, it is sent to the Office of Registration and Records, along with your APF. The Registrar’s Office uses the APF to properly record your study abroad credit, so it is essential that this form be completed before your study abroad experience to avoid delays and other complications with credit transfer.

Not only does the APF help you research your program options and find which program is the best fit for you academically, but it also ensures that you receive Indiana State credit for the courses you take while abroad.

This form is a part of the application and is due by the application deadlines.

Note: Students participating in a Faculty-Led Program do not need to complete the Academic Planning Form.

Completing the Academic Planning Form

1. List all possible courses you might take on your study abroad program.

  • If you are participating in a semester program, it is recommended that you choose 8-10 possible courses, just in case you are unable to get into your first choices.
  • If you will not know for sure which courses you will be able to choose from or will not be able to register for courses until you arrive, choose from the courses which have been offered in the past. Obtain approval for more than you would actually take.
  • If you are spending a full year abroad, complete two separate course approval forms for each semester.

2. Gather as much information about the courses as possible (course descriptions, syllabi, number of contact hours, etc.).

3. Search the ISU Course Catalog for the courses that seem to best match the study abroad course descriptions.

  • If the program you are participating in is popular, or if you know other students to have participated in it in the past, ask the Education Abroad Office to check the course database to see if any of the courses you plan to take have been previously accepted. If so, you can indicate on the APF that it has been previously accepted and you will not need to obtain a signature for approval.

4. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the courses you have selected. Ensure that they are a good fit for your degree program and determine possible ISU equivalents. Try to have the course descriptions and/or syllabi available. Don't forget to have you advisor sign your APF when it has been completed!

  • If you are planning on completing courses outside of your major or minor, and it has not been pre-approved, it will need to be approved by the corresponding department.
  • If courses are not approved by your departure date, you will be given elective credit once the of Education Abroad Office receives your transcript.

5. Once you have received all necessary signatures and completed the APF, please email or bring it in to the Education Abroad Office.

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