Application Deadlines

Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the Education Abroad program. The following are considered in the applicant selection process:

  • total educational record
  • disciplinary record
  • educational objective
  • professional attitude
  • level of preparedness
  • interpersonal maturity
  • advisor recommendations
  • special talents
  • personal preparation
  • personal achievement


These are internal ISU due dates for submitting a completed study abroad application. Please note the exceptions to these dates.




Fall May 1st University of Stirling

March 15th

Summer April 1st ISA
University of Stirling

March 1st

Spring October 15th American College of Thessaloniki Spring 1 Term
University of Stirling

October 1st


Applications will NOT be accepted after the deadlines, unless previously approved by the Education Abroad Director. Deadlines vary throughout study abroad programs and universities. Often the deadlines fall in the middle of the semester prior to a study abroad program.

*Disclaimer: Some programs have earlier deadlines to accommodate towards processing and evaluation time. To receive deadlines for a certain program, please meet with an Education Abroad Advisor.

Very rarely does the Education Abroad office deny a student's application to Education Abroad. All Application Forms must be completed before the deadline in order for an application to be reviewed.

However, Indiana State University reserves the right to interview the student during the application process and to deny acceptance to any applicant for any reason the University determines to be material to the applicant's qualifications. Additionally, students studying or conducting research abroad may not be on academic or disciplinary probation, suspension or deferred suspension at the time of application, prior to, or during their time abroad.

Students will be accepted if they meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the Education Abroad office and the qualifications/prerequisites of the program they are applying to.