Pre-Departure Information

Orientation Sign

Spending time abroad is a serious undertaking, and it is important that our students are as prepared as possible for this exciting experience.  That being said, the Education Abroad Office holds mandatory pre-departure orientation meetings at the end of each semester for our students who will be traveling overseas during an upcoming term.

The pre-departure orientation covers a number of important topics, including but not limited to: health and safety information, credit transfer, cultural preparation, how to maximize your education abroad experience, and opportunities after study abroad. The orientation gives students the opportunity to connect with other students studying abroad, as well as those who have returned from overseas. Pre-departure orientation also provides an opportunity for students to ask questions as they prepare for their international experience.

Students will be given a pre-departure guide during the orientation, which includes topics such as:

  • Registration at ISU
  • Health, Insurance, and Safety Abroad
  • Money and Budgeting
  • Billing, Financial Aid, and Scholarship
  • Passports, Visas, and Important Documents
  • Packing and Travel Preparation
  • Academics and registration Abroad
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Re-entry Information