Each Study Abroad program has its unique costs, but all budgets are structured the same. The “Total Estimated Cost of Program" is the sum of what students are billed through their student account and independent costs the student pays on their own. Please refer the sample budget below.

The estimated costs to student account MUST be paid prior to departure. (Minus any scholarship or financial aid expected)

Estimated Cost to ISU Student Account
  • Study Abroad Program Fees are billed through the Controllers’ Office.
  • Program fees are the host university’s tuition cost, and varied upon services offered by the program.
  • International insurance (either assessed by ISU or in the affiliate program fee).
  • $100 Study Abroad Course Fee which makes courses taken abroad be ISU transfer credit.
  • Room and board may or may not be included in the program fees. It varies from university to university.
  • Note: if cost of program exceeds beyond estimate due to exchange rate fluctuation or other unavoidable circumstances, you may receive an additional bill. This is a rare occurrence.
  • Must be paid prior to departure (minus any financial aid expected).
Estimated Independent Costs Paid by Student
  • These items are either paid directly to the host university or other parties.
  • These costs will be paid prior to departure (airfare, housing deposit, passport, visa) or once student is abroad (personal expenses, books, onsite transportation, meals).
  • Extra travel is not included in our budgets.
Total Estimated Cost of Program
  • Sum of Estimated ISU Bill to Student Account and Independent Costs Paid by Student. (A + B = C)
  • Students should be prepared to pay for all costs in this section either before departure or once at the host university.
Example Budget: Edge Hill University

Per Semester

Estimated Costs to ISU Student Account  
Tuition $6,575.00
Housing and Meal Plan $2,700.00
Program Fees $1,900.00
HTH Insurance $248.00
Study Abroad Course Fee $100.00
Total Estimated Costs Billed by ISU $11,523.00
Estimated Independent Costs by ISU Student  
Estimated Airfare $1,100.00
Passport (if student does not have one yet) $135.00
On-Site Transportation $100.00
Additional Meals $400.00
Personal Expenses $1,400.00
Total Estimated Independent Costs $3,195.00
Total Estimated Cost of Program $14,718.00

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