Affiliate Programs

Indiana State has partnered with external program providers or "Affiliates" to expand student opportunities. Students can study abroad through any Affiliate Program provider and still receive ISU credit, financial aid, student insurance, and remain registered at ISU while abroad. While affiliate programs offer more destination opportunities, sometimes it can be more expensive than studying through a partner university.

The links you see below represent all of the available locations through the individual affiliate programs. Please click the title of the program that you are interested in for more information.

Cooperative Center for Study Abroad

- CCSA -


Cultural Experiences Abroad

- CEA -

Cooperative of Undergraduate Programs Abroad

- Classport -


International Studies Abroad

- ISA -

ISA Semester Catalog

ISA Summer Catalog

ISA Internships Catalog

ISA Service Learning Catalog

ISA Veritas Catalog

ISA Student Guide to Study Abroad


International Student Exchange Programs

- ISEP -

Experience what it's like to take classes alongside locals, in any subject, on a budget you can afford. Explore options at 328 institutions in over 54 countries!