Student Testimonials

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Holly Dusek
Edge Hill University, England - Fall 2015

"I am grateful to have had this opportunity to go to England for school, yet still have had the time for traveling to new places, seeing new things, and learning what each place has to offer. I believe that this experience has changed my perspective of the world and I cannot wait to see where else it will take me."


Elinor Balensuela
Edge Hill University, England - Spring 2013

"I absolutely loved studying abroad at Edge Hill University. It was an amazing semester where I had an opportunity to explore British Culture as well as take amazing courses. The team at Edge Hill was absolutely amazing; Jason and Bill are 100% invested in students and their goals and education. I could not have chosen a better location to study abroad."


Ben Coovert
Florence University of the Arts - Summer 2016

"The most valuable part of the experience for me was the culture. To immerse myself in another culture having never left the country let me see all the ways our cultures were different, and all the ways they were the same. By seeing how an entirely new place did things let me appreciate where I am more, and helped remind me how truly big this world is."


Sierra Stein
Stirling University, Scotland - Summer 2016

"My experience in Scotland was definitely one of the best events in my time at ISU. It was my first time out of the country, and it was so incredibly magical to be able to witness such historical and beautiful landmarks. I met so many incredible people, and the culture was so beautiful. I definitely plan on going back to Scotland."


Lynae Hostrawser
Fiji - Fall 2015

"It was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever done. I have a new appreciation for different cultures, people, and language."


Victoria McSwain
​El Nomad, Ecuador - Summer 2016

"My Study Abroad experience was very eye opening. I did more things in Ecuador than I thought I could ever do. I pushed myslef and persevered through the language difficulties and in the end came through proud and changed. Through being there I found my passion. After teaching English to little Ecuadorian children I came home and changed my major to Elementary Eduaction with a specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language. If it weren't for my Study Abroad experience I don't think I would be chasing my dreams right now."