Sycamore Resolution

What is the Sycamore Resolution Program about?

The Sycamore Resolution program provides information and resources to assist students in effective conflict resolution. The program is based in mediation, which is a facilitated dialogue where participants resolve issues and concerns are through intentional conversation, organized by two skilled mediators.

The end goal of participating in this program is for students to reflect on the mediation process and leave with the ability to resolve future conflicts and live up to the Sycamore Standard, which is:


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Sycamore Standard

I will practice personal and academic integrity 

I will commit my energies to the pursuit of truth, learning, and scholarship

I will foster an environment conducive to the personal and academic accomplishment of all students

I will avoid activities that promote bigotry or intolerance

I will choose associations and define my relationships with others based on respect for individual rights and human dignity

I will conduct my life as a student in a manner that brings honor to me and to the University Community

I will discourage action or behaviors to others that are contrary to these standards