How We Do It

The Referral Process


In order to begin the mediation process, a student or faculty/staff member must fill out the online form (link here to contact us page).

Next, each of the involved parties will be contacted within two business days by the Sycamore Resolution Program Intake Coordinator to schedule a meeting in a neutral location to review options for resolution.

The Mediation Process

The Mediators: The mediators may be a faculty member, staff member or student. A mediator’s main goal is to facilitate or guide the discussion. Sycamore Resolution mediators will also give final approval to any proposed plan and then monitor the terms of agreement.

The Referral Process: Students fill out a referral report online or contact the Associate Director of Residential Education or Student Conduct and Integrity.

The Meeting: All parties involved will introduce themselves and rules will be reviewed before the process begins. The meeting is structured and all conversations are intended for resolving all issues and concerns. All discussions that take place are private and any notes taken during the meeting will be shredded in an effort to maintain participants’ privacy. The meeting lasts about two hours.

After Mediation

Once an agreement has been reached, all participants will sign the mediation agreement. If participants were referred by a faculty/staff member, that person will receive a follow-up form which will simply inform them if an agreement has been reached. Participants will then be asked to fill out an evaluation which will help us determine how we can make the mediation process more effective. No details of the mediation will be shared.