Free Summer Camp Opportunity! 

The College of Technology is pleased to announce this FREE summer camp opportunity! Register now, camp is limited to 20 participants.



Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

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  • Being Open Minded and Staying Involved

    “I like the workplace balance, and the organizational development and since I’ve been in my major and getting involved, I feel like it really fits me—helping employees.”
  • From Singing to Safety Management

    “The safety management program has a wide variety of teachers and instructors. Their combined experience is really remarkable, and I don’t think any safety program can match the knowledge of all of our instructors.”
  • Women in STEM

    State’s College of Technology has employed strategies over the past 15 years to increase the enrollment, persistence and success of women in engineering and technology fields.
  • Meet our Faculty

    “I wanted to do more hands-on projects that would allow students to see how the process works in construction, holistically.”
  • Sycamore join Fight against COVID

    Indiana State student and Airtech, Inc. intern Moammer Efenti is also working on the frontlines of the project in the fight against coronavirus.
  • Career Readiness

    Dan Dix, Safety Management Alumnus, now a Training Specialist at Robinson Refinery, Marathon Petroleum Company talks about how Indiana State University students bring credibility, work ethic, accountability which ties into the university’s efforts in career readiness.
  • 30+ laboratories

  • 18 student orgs

  • 14 years
    of Females in Technology (Fit) conferences