Pioneers of Tomorrow

You’re a Dreamer. A Doer. A Designer. You create, you improvise, and improve.

Sycamores pioneer what’s next in aviation, engineering, and automation. Your visions of architecture and design build our tomorrow. All of our programs give you lots of opportunities to get hands-on experiences and gain the skills you need for the real world!


So what are you waiting for?Find your blue.


  • Packaging Engineering Technology Program

    For Justin, an internship at Carrier Corporation led to a full-time job before graduation.
  • Females in Technology

    “As a FiT advisor I make it a point to bring girls to campus, to talk to them about engineering careers. I want them to see all of the opportunities there are for them in engineering.” - Kristina Lawyer
  • Service Learning

    David Peterson found his vocation through volunteering with Habitat for Humanity projects at home and at State.
  • Successful Alumni

    “It was through a faculty member that I got a great internship that lead to my current job, which I love.”- Alyeda Flores
  • 30 state-of-the-art labs

  • 26 tech-specific student orgs

  • 10 years
    of FIT conferences