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Det 218 Vision/Mission & Goals


To be the leading institution for developing leaders of character in service to our Nation


To inspire, educate, and train cadets to become leaders of character, committed to our core values of Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do


  1. Achieve a 50% increase in recruiting rate
  2. Increase recruiting of females and minority student by 50%
  3. Achieve a 75% retention rate
  4. Achieve a 100% PFA passing rate by the end of the spring term
  5. Achieve 50% top-third performance, and at least 20% Superior Performers/Distinguished Graduates at Field Training (FT)
  6. Increase cadre and cadet recognition by 50%
  7. Achieve a 40% commission rate
  8. Host or participate in 10 community events per academic year to strengthen our bonds with our community (i.e., ISU, RHIT, Ivy-Tech, DePauw, Terre Haute, 181 IW, Army, Navy, Marines, ANG, and AFR).

Information current as of 3 July 2019 and is subject to change