Flight Academy

The Aviation Department’s Flight Academy is located at the Terre Haute Regional Airport. (Hulman Field) The Flight Academy was founded in the fall of 2013 and included a newly renovated facility and hangar.

The aircraft fleet

Diamond Da-20:

  • 2-seat airplane
  • Engine- Continental IO-240B
  • 125 Horsepower
  • Used for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and CFI training
  • Video of airplane Walk-around: https://youtu.be/IsNhoJY59PE

Diamond Da-40

  • 4- seat airplane
  • Engine- Lycoming IO-360
  • 180 Horsepower
  • Used for Instrument, Commercial, and CFI training
  • Video of airplane Walk-around: https://youtu.be/wMyfdSWXEds 

Piper Arrow

  • 4- seat airplane
  • Engine- Lycoming IO-360 
  • 200 Horsepower 
  • Used for Commercial and CFI training
  • Video of airplane walk-around: https://youtu.be/5MD85D0sS1M 

Diamond Da-42

The Bachelor of Science Professional Aviation Flight Technology (PAFT) degree requires students to complete advanced aviation coursework and obtain an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating and a Multi-Engine Land Rating. Students may be awarded an R-ATP certificate when they accumulate 1,000 hours of flight time. The Flight Academy is a part 141 approved flight school.

To be eligible to train at the Aviation Department’s Flight Academy, you must be enrolled as a student at ISU in the Professional Aviation Flight Technology program. 

For more questions about the program or to set up a facility tour, please email or call us at isu-avt@indstate.edu or (812) 237-7200.

Flight Fee Cost

Click on this link for the document explaining the flight fees. 
*Please note, that these fees are an additional cost from your tuition.

Admission Criteria

Please click here to go to the admission criteria page.

Application for PAFT Admission

Click on this link for the PAFT application form if you are interested in changing your major to Professional Aviation Flight Technology.

For more information on deadlines to apply to the PAFT program when you are changing your major, please review this letter.

PAFT application process

Click here to access a PDF document that explains the entire PAFT application process and all steps to apply and deadlines. 

Flight Training 

  • Once flight training begins at the Flight Academy, you can only conduct flight training towards your PAFT degree at the ISU Flight Academy.
  • PAFT students will not be allowed to conduct any flight training towards their certificates and ratings from any other flight training providers while enrolled as a PAFT student. 


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