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Tech Express Cafe

The Tech Express Café is a student enterprise in the Bailey College of Engineering and Technology operated in collaboration with the Executive Express Cafe in the Scott College of Business. The Cafés serve as learning laboratories where students can build leadership, networking, professional and entrepreneurial skills. Team projects, workshops and seminars are designed for participating students to earn certificates for success skills and/or leadership.

Start-up funding for the Tech Express Cafe was provided through ISU Community Engagement, Lilly Endowment. Tech Express Café and the Executive Express Café were awarded the 2015-16 ISU President’s Internal Collaboration Award and were granted funds to expand and enhance operations of these learning laboratories.


1st floor of the Myers Technology Center just outside of room 101.

NEW Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Student Opportunities at the Tech Express Café:

  • Innovation is encouraged! Technology classes, student organizations and individual students are encouraged to submit ideas for implementation in the Café.
  • Student organizations may volunteer members to staff the Café in exchange for a profit share that is distributed to the sponsoring student organization account.
  • The Tech Express Café student management team (see below) is compensated through wages and/or profit sharing.
  • All participating students have opportunities for professional development and may earn internship credit and/or a success skills certificate.
  • Any student on campus may volunteer as an individual to can experience and build their network.

Meet the Management Team:

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    Zach Payne : Chief Officer of Operations.




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    Alyssa Wozniak : Finance Manager.




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    LeAndre May : Human Resource Manager: [Position Open]




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    Artem Epifanov and Steven Sharp : Marketing and Merchandising Managers




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Interested in serving on the Cafe Management Team or Volunteering for your organization, please Sign Up Here