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Organization Profit Sharing

Fundraising Opportunities!

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s low commit – here’s how:

  1. Your organization commits to work ½ day (9-noon or noon-3) OR one full day (9-3) – that’s about 36-72 hours per semester (12 weeks).
  2. Only one or two members are required to work each shift.
  3. Pick ONE day per week, Monday – Thursday for the semester.
  4. Earn 30% of profits PLUS $100 bonus for each ½ shift worked per semester.
  5. Increase your earnings by selling your organization’s products at the Café (t-shirts, hats, etc.).

Organization and Student Benefits Include

  • Earn FUNDING for your organization through profit sharing
  • Obtain certifications through the Career Center such as the Career Ready Certificate
  • Gain professional skills that employers value – think resume builder
  • Network and collaborate with students, faculty, employers, etc.

Management Positions and Benefits

  • Obtain management certifications such as the ISU Leadership Certificate
  • Earn Internship Credit for courses and resume experience
  • Network and collaborate with students, faculty, employers, etc.
  • Earn a share of the profits

Shift Schedule & Responsibilities:

  • Shifts are selected as half or full days (a half day being from 9:00am-12:00pm; a full day being from 9:00am-3:00pm).
  • Hours and days for each organization are currently up for grabs on a first come first serve basis.
  • Organizations must sign a commitment contract promising to staff the café during their designated time slot.
  • Staff can be any members from your organization. Training will be provided to each member staffing the café in advance.
  • The job responsibilities would consist of:
    • greeting customers and promoting products
    • ringing up sales and cash register operations
    • maintaining a clean and organized café stand

Details Relating to Organization Profit Sharing:

  • Organizations will SPLIT 30% of the profits made for the semester based upon the number of hours worked. The remaining 70% will go toward operational costs and management team incentives. Profits may be distributed twice per semester.
    • Example- If profits for the semester = $3,200 organization would split $960 (30%). If FMA worked 70 hours for the semester, ASME worked 20 hours, and ASCE worked 10 hours, FMA would receive 70% of that 30% profit or $672, ASME would receive 20% or $192 and ASCE would receive 10% or $96. Keep in mind: the more hours your organization works, the greater your profits could potentially be.
    • The amount each organization will make is uncertain at this time. Each year the café has the opportunity to reinvent itself and therefore leaving room for potential growth and development. With this year’s new management team, contributions from student organizations, extended hours and a new menu we have goals of making this the best year to date for the café and its potential profits.

Management Positions:

Also needed are management positions within the Tech Express Café:

  • Marketing and Merchandising Manager (Link to Application Form>>)

    • Generate visual promotions regarding sales, recruiting staff, and events within the café
    • Update public relations with the current promotions through social media
    • Communicate with the Finance & Inventory Manager for upcoming sales promotions and signage expenses
    • Communicate with the Human Resources & Training Manager for recruiting promotions
  • Human Resources and Training Manager (Link to Application Form>>)

    • Recruit and train new volunteers for the café
    • Communicate with the Marketing & Merchandising Manager to generate promotions for recruiting new members


If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Zachary Payne at . I look forward to working with you very soon!