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ACCE Public Information 2016-Present

ACCE Public Information

Beginning in academic year 2015-2016, program, college, and university assessment information is available on the University Assessment web site. The link to that site is listed below. Student Data is now provided on a PDF document linked below.

Academic Assessment

  • Objectives of the degree program
  • Assessment measures
  • Information obtained through these assessment measures
  • Actions taken
  • Supporting data

Supporting information can be found on the ISU Assessment web site at the following link:»
Click on the down arrow next to the College of Technology and refer to the Construction Management program.

Student Data

  • Student achievements
  • Scholarships received
  • Rates and types of employment of graduates
  • Average salaries

LINK to Construction Management Student Achievements»

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the Construction Management Program are the same as the University. Refer to the ISU Office of Admissions web site at the following link:»