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Ph.D In Technology Management

The Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in the public and private sectors of society. At the conclusion of the program, graduates will have developed skills in research procedures, will have acquired expertise in instructional processes, and will be able to provide service to the industrial and educational community.

The program maintains most of the traditional requirements characteristic of advanced graduate study, but is unique in using the resources of a consortium of five universities linked together by alternative communication systems. These member universities have programs staffed by faculty having expertise in many areas of technology. Each university brings to the consortium a unique philosophical quality and extensive library holdings that add depth and quality to the program.

Alternative communication technology is used to deliver key components of the program such as a general technology core, linking campuses to better serve students. This allows all members of the consortium to capitalize on the efficient use of existing resources while maintaining quality.

The Ph.D. in Technology Management program is presented with five areas of required specializations: Construction Management Systems, Digital Communication Systems, Human Resource Development and Industrial Technology Systems, Manufacturing Systems and Quality Systems. The Graduate Consortium Coordinating Council is the governing body responsible for approval of curriculum in General Technology Core, Specializations, Professional Studies, and Research Core. The doctoral dissertation is the final product prepared by the student that is formally assessed by the Ph.D. faculty.

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