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Program Planning Committee

Your program advisor is the Ph.D. Coordinator at your Home University. The Home University Ph.D. Coordinator will work with you to select your permanent program advisor; if you wish to change advisor one will be assigned at the time of admission.

During the first academic year of your studies, you will work with your permanent program advisor to develop your Program Planning Committee. This often occurs during your second semester of study, or when you have completed 12-15 hours of coursework. You should begin to study the faculty involved in your specialization at your Home University and at other schools. There are different ways of becoming familiar with the faculty, such as taking classes from them, reviewing their research interests, and talking with other faculty or students. Creating your Program Planning Committee is your responsibility and success depends on your initiative.

Discuss the composition of your committee with your advisor. Then you will contact your selected faculty to determine if they are willing to serve on your Program Planning Committee. Each students Program Planning Committee will be composed of three Consortium-approved graduate faculty members. One member of the committee must come from Indiana State University. One member of the committee must come from the students area of specialization. One member of the committee must come from the students home university.

Once the Program Planning Committee has been selected, the student selects a chairperson for the committee, this will usually be your advisor. Complete the approved Program Planning Committee form and submit it for signatures as noted. The form can be downloaded as either a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document. You may need to download the free Microsoft Word Viewer or Adobe Reader.