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Construction Management (18 Credits)

The purpose of the Construction Management specialization is to prepare professionals to serve as leaders within the construction management segment of the industry and who can promote the enhancement of the construction management discipline. Coursework within the specialization is directed toward applied research, the advancement of the construction organization, and professional management leading to the effective and efficient control of the construction process. Development of high quality communication practices for the construction management process is of paramount importance to the construction specialization. In addition, legal and ethical dimensions applied to the construction process will be an integral part of the specialization.

The specialization is open to persons having had undergraduate/graduate studies in construction management and/or related disciplines. Validated work experience in the construction industry is required.


  • To encourage applied research and the scientific method of problem solving as a means of improving the construction management professional.
  • To provide an educational environment for the advancement of construction education at the doctoral level.
  • To develop professional construction personnel who can promote construction management and construction education.
  • To encourage the respect for and importance of construction education to the economy of a global society.


Univ. Course   Sp 18 Su 18 Fa 18 Sp 19 Su 19 Fa 19 Sp 20 Su 20 Fa 20 Sp 21 Su 21 Fa 21 Sp 22 Su 22 Fa 22
BGSU TECH 6820 Adv. Practice X     X     X X              
BGSU TECH 7110 Const. Econ     X     X     X     X     X
ECU CMGT 6660 Quality Const. X     X                      
UCMO TMD 7320 Ethics & Prof     X           X           X
UCMO TMD 6315 Adv Lgl Aspects                   X          
NCA&T CM 764 Risk Manage.           X                 X



Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
TECH 6820: Advanced Practices in Construction Management (3 hours)

Sustainable Design/Construction green building practices, environmental assessment, alternative construction materials, recycling of materials, EPA regulations are analyzed in different situations.


University of Central Missouri (UCMO)
TMD 7320: Ethics and Professional Issues of the Construction Process (3 hours)

The course presupposes no formal training in ethical theory. Emphasis will be on critical thinking skills applied to issues experienced by practicing professional in Construction Management.


University of Central Missouri (UCMO)
TMD 6315: Advanced Legal Aspects of Construction (3 hours)

An advanced course in legal aspects of the construction process. Prerequisite(s): INDM 5015 or instructor consent. 


North Carolina A & T (NCA&T)
CM 764: Risk Management of the Construction Process Site (3 hours)

The course offers a reflective and reactive study of technological systems, assessment, and innovation in local and global environments. Students will link their environments to a broader international context.


Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
TECH 7110: Construction Economics (3 hours)

Life cycle costs, value engineering, management strategies, and the effect on the economy by construction projects with both national and international perspectives, and operations research are examined in the course.


East Carolina University (ECU)
CMGT 6660: Quality Control Systems (3 hours)

Current codes and procedures in sampling, engineering standards, testing procedures and guidelines, data analysis using computer modeling and statistical analysis.