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The Program of Study requires study concentrations in one of five areas, completing a minimum of 66 credits of graduate study beyond the Masters, with a majority of this course work at the 600 level or above. The overall program is designed to provide the planned opportunities for increasing both depth and breadth of knowledge in technological studies.

It is essential that graduates of the program have completed the course work required in one (or more) of the Major Areas of Specialization. The Major Area of Specialization should be supported by the Professional Studies Area. This specialized knowledge is enhanced by developing a broader understanding of the interrelations of technology with other disciplines such as science, economics, sociology, and government policy designed into the General Technology Core.

Research is critical to the advancement of knowledge in the profession. Statistical and design procedures can be applied and reinforced by the instructional methodology used in teaching the specialization area. The dissertation is a major piece of research including proposal writing, seeking new information, and concluding with results of the study.