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General Technology Core (12 Credits)

The General Technology Core is designed to provide experiences that address topics in contemporary and future trends of technology. Philosophical dimensions influencing decision making, historical perspective, and implications for technological development, and technical systems are included. You must take ITEC 7050 Strategies For Technical Management and Communications during your first semester in the program.


Univ. Semester / Course Sp 18 Su 18 Fa 18 Sp 19 Su 19 Fa 19 Sp 20 Su 20 Fa 20 Sp 21 Su 21 Fa 21 Sp 22 Su 22 Fa 22
ECU ITEC 7050 X   X     X     X     X     X
NCA&T TECH 708-5A     X     X     X     X     X
UCMO TMD 6015 X     X     X     X     X    
BGSU TECH 7200   X     X     X     X     X  



East Carolina University (ECU)
ITEC 7050: Strategies For Technical Management and Communications (3 hours)

The study and application of Internet tools used by individuals and groups to develop and expand ideas. Participants will develop expertise through interactive problem solving activities applied to their work environment. Activities will emphasize synchronous and asynchronous methods used by information intensive organizations to build profits through ingenuity and invention.


North Carolina A & T (NCA&T)
TECH 708-5A: Impacts of Technology (3 hours)

Technology continues to advance at a very rapid rate unparalleled in history. These changes have caused the world to become more interdependent and concurrently competitive. This course will address human adaptive systems, characteristics of technology, historical developments, and assess new developments. Speculation about future developments and impacts will be conjectured.

University of Central Missouri (UCMO)
TMD 6015: Legal Aspects of Technology and Innovation (3 hours)

The study of legal aspects of managing technology, innovation, and technological policy analysis for United States and international organizations.

Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
TECH 7200: Technology Systems, Assessment and Innovation (3 hours)

The course offers a reflective and reactive study of technological systems, assessment, and innovation in local and global environments. Students will link their environments to a broader international context.