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HRD & Industrial Training (18 Credits)

Human Resource Development & Industrial Training (HRD&IT) means the integrated use of training and development, organizational development, and career development to improve individuals, group, and organizational effectiveness. HRD relies on more than one subject discipline and draws on theories and insights from education, management, industrial and individual psychology, communication, counseling, economics, sociology, and related areas of research.


  • To understand the relevance of training in improving performance.
  • To apply training and development practices of human performance to international settings
  • To collect and interpret data for improvement of human performance.
  • To design and implement research procedures to assist in the solution of industrial problems.
  • To apply the principles of strategic planning in supporting and coordinating human resource development and industrial training initiatives.


Univ. Course   Sp 18 Su 18 Fa 18 Sp 19 Su 19 Fa 19 Sp 20 Su 20 Fa 20 Sp 21 Su 21 Fa 21 Sp 22 Su 22 Fa 22
ISU HRD 656 Intl. & CC Train     X     X     X     X     X
BGSU IDT 6600 Evaluation in Instructional Design     X     X     X     X     X
ISU HRD 679 Manag. of HRD X           X           X    
ISU HRD 725 O.D.Dev.Theory     X       X     X     X    
ISU HRD 670 Systematic Design of HRD X   X X   X X   X X   X X   X



Indiana State University (ISU)
HRD656/ITE 656 International and Cross-Cultural Training (3 hours)

The analysis, selection, design, implementation, and evaluation of training programs to increase functional capabilities in international and multi-cultural environments. Emphasis will be on communication strategies, human response to cultural settings, and procedures for increasing performance.  Prerequisite HRD605-Developing Performance-Based Occupational Curriculum (3 credit hours), is required for this course.


Bowling Green State University (BGSU) 
IDT 6600 Evaluation in Instructional Design Technology (3 hours)

Theories and practices of improving individual and program performance are examined. Emphasis of the course will be placed on the development and evaluation of models to transfer of training in the workplace.


Indiana State University (ISU)
HRD 670: Systematic Design of Human Resource Development Programs (3 hours)

The role of internal and external consultants in the design, implementation, and evaluation of Human Resource Development activities will be the major focus of this course. Special emphasis will be on the evaluation of organizational change and development that occur during the process of developing and using human resources within the organization


Indiana State University (ISU)
HRD 725: Theoretical Foundations of Organization Development in HRD

The purpose of this course is to extend the student’s knowledge of the underpinnings of organization development theory as related to the foundational principles of HRD and performance improvement. Emphasis is on the synthesis of these theories and implications for research and practice.


Indiana State University (ISU)
HRD 679: Management/Administration of Human Resource Development

Strategic planning is the process used by HRD organizations to establish direction, plan and control processes. Procedures involve visioning, assessment, logistics, quantitative forecasting, and structural design will be covered.