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Quality Systems (18 Credits)


The mission of the Quality Systems Specialization (QSS) is preparing professionals for leadership roles in quality. The QSS program is dedicated to providing people with corporate leadership abilities and faculty for the profession. Graduates shall have a global vision encompassing quality systems. The primary QSS focus is to provide people with the ability to manage complex organizations to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction in public and private sectors.


The QSS is premised on several elements reflected in the advanced study of quality. These are:

  • On going relationship with American Society for Quality (ASQ).
  • Project relationships to existing applied research programs in quality.
  • Laboratories to support graduate programs in quality.
  • Strong relationship to existing advisory committees and industrial contacts.


  • An applicable undergraduate and/or graduate degree. For the QSS, this degree should reflect, at minimum, the following type courses (totaling 18 hours minimum):
    • 6 semester hours of statistics.
    • 6 semester hours of management.
    • 6 semester hours of lab-based technical course work
  • Mature, continuous participation in quality organizations such as AQP or ASQ.
  • Professional certification or recognition related to quality, e.g., CMI, CQM, etc.


Univ. Course   Sp 20 Su 20 Fa 20 Sp 21 Su 21 Fa 21 Sp 22 Su 22 Fa 22 Sp 23 Su 23 Fa 23 Sp 24 Su 24 FA 24
ISU ET 611 Exp Design. X           X           X    
ISU ET 612 Reliability     X           X           X
ISU ET 669 Seminar in Q         X           X        
BGSU QS 7020 Quality Change   X       X                  
BGSU QS 7270 Doc-based Proc.     X     X                  
ISU ET 665 Quality Standards           X           X      
UCMO IndM 5222 Princ & Prac of Lean Sys     X     X     X     X     X
UCMO IndM 5212 Prod & Op Mgmt.     X     X     X     X     X
UCMO IndM 6580 Adv Strat Qual & Stand         X     X     X     X  


University of Central Missouri (UCM)
IndM 5222: Principle and Practices of Lean Systems (3 hours)

*condition admission, background courses in Manufacturing and Quality Systems


University of Central Missouri (UCM)
IndM 5212:  Production and Operation Management (3 hours)

*condition admission, background courses in Manufacturing and Quality Systems



Indiana State University (ISU)
ET 612: Reliability, Maintainability and Serviceability (3 hours)

This course introduces concepts, principles and techniques used in evaluation and assessment of reliability, maintainability and serviceability in industrial systems. Emphasis is given to theory and techniques to determine time-to-failure, failure rate, reliability and availability of components/systems, including strength-stress analysis, construction of reliability bath-tub curves (RBTC), failure mode and strength-stress analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA).

Prerequisite: TMGT 607 or equivalent.


Indiana State University (ISU)
ET 665: Quality Standards Leadership (3 hours)

Management and leadership activities related to evaluating, creating and promoting quality standards.


Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
QS 7270: Documentation-based Process Improvement (3 hours)

Generation of model system for process improvement and technical problem solving for variation reduction based on documentation in teams at one or more organizational sites.


Indiana State University (ISU)
ET 611: Experimental Design and Process Analysis (3 hours)

A focused course on the design and analysis of experiments for industrial applications and applied research. Topics include single factor models, blocking, factorial design, parameter design, process analysis, and response surface methodology. Emphasis is given to problem modeling, implementation and output analysis in applied research.

Prerequisite: TMGT607 (Statistics for Experimental Research in Technology or it's Equivalent).



Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
QS 7020: Quality Change Culture (3 hours)

Analysis and generation of model quality change culture based on actual quality and change-focused projects in organizations, primarily in service industries, through teams.

Prerequisite: TECH 602 or equivalent.


Indiana State University (ISU)
ET 669: Quality Systems Seminar (3 hours)

In-depth critical analysis of important issues in the management of quality and the research of those issues.


University of Central Missouri (UCMO)
IndM 6580: Advanced Strategic Quality and Standard (3 hours)

A course of study in total quality techniques, quality standards and criteria, and quality certification training utilized by quality professionals in dynamic organizations. Prerequisite(s): INDM 4230 or ENGT 4580 or instructor consent. An additional fee is associated with this course.