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Program of Study

As a general practice, credits earned seven years prior to admission are not used in the Ph.D. in Technology Management program.

You will work with your Program Planning Committee to develop a Program of Study. You can download the Program of Study as a Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF document. You may need to download the free Microsoft Excel Viewer or Adobe Reader. Please refer to it as you read through this material. The form identifies the broad areas of competency required for the Ph.D. in Technology Management. You will complete a draft Program of Study and submit it to your committee via e-mail for review and comment. The following information will help you understand the major sections of the Program of Study form...


The admissions committee or your Program Planning Committee may identify deficiencies in your academic preparation for the Ph.D. in Technology Management. The specific courses to be completed will be listed in this section.


The Ph.D. in Technology Consortium has selected four specific courses that form the Technology Core. These courses are identified on the Program of Study form. All students, regardless of their technical specialization, must complete these core courses.


Technical specializations consist of 18 hours of coursework. Your Program Planning Committee may approve some substitutions, totaling no more than 6 hours at the PhD level.


You are required to complete nine hours of professional studies coursework. These hours can be for an elective course(s), internship, and/or a project. These hours require advisor approved PhD level courses. Three hours of master-level substitution are allowable.


You need to complete a minimum of 27 hours of research coursework. Your Program Planning Committee may approve the substitution of a graduate research methods course completed during a masters degree program for the first research course offered by Indiana State University. Each student must complete 18 hours of dissertation. Nine hours of dissertation will be completed at Indiana State University and nine hours will be completed at the home university of the Dissertation Chairperson.


When you have finalized your Program of Study, you and the Chairperson of your Program Planning Committee sign the Program of Study. This form also must be signed by the coordinator of the program on your home campus. The completed form is then submitted to the Ph.D. Program Director at Indiana State University and the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Indiana State University for final approval. It is also recommended that degree candidates periodically send updated copies of your Program of Study to the attention of the Director of the Ph.D. program so that those updates can be included in the student's permanent file. Information that will be important to be listed includes when courses were actually taken, course numbers if different than originally listed, grades received, and any other general comments that may be helpful when reviewing the candidate's progress toward candidacy and finally graduation status.