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Graduation: Application & Checklist


How / When to Apply for Graduation: 

  • If you have completed at least 78 hours of a Bachelor degree and can estimate the term in which you will complete all requirements, apply for graduation via MyISU. A student cannot graduate unless a graduation application has been submitted for the specific graduation term. Click on the Student tab badge, select ‘Apply for Graduation – Undergraduates Only’, and follow the prompts. You can graduate in either May, Summer, or December. Commencement ceremonies are held in both May and December. Summer graduates participate in the May ceremony automatically, or can make special arrangements to ‘walk’ in December. 

  • If you applied for graduation then find that you will not complete requirements on time, go to MyISU and update your graduation date to a future term. 

  • If you applied for graduation then find you will complete requirements earlier than expected, mail email to request to be moved to an earlier graduation term to with the following information 


    • Name:  
    • Student ID number:  
    • Current graduation term:  
    • Change to:  

  • For additional information regarding graduation, check out the information on the Registrar’s website: