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Leadership Workshop

Leading with Style!TM
Enhancing Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Presented by Dr. Priscilla Wolfe, PS Wolfe, Inc.

Friday, April 1,2016, 1:00-3:30 pm
Innovation Lab in Myers Technology Center Room 003

This special invitation is extended to leaders in student organizations interested in building stronger teams for the purpose of driving innovative projects or product development. The workshop is intended to help you better understand how you, and others around you, prefer to approach problems, seek solutions and manage change. You will get information about yourself and others that will strengthen your leadership practices and lead to more effective teamwork, communication and problem solving.

Organizations should send a team of three to five students who aspire to serve as leaders within your organization over the next couple of years. Seize this opportunity to come together for reflection and learning of effective Problem Solving Leadership practices that enable participants to be more effective immediately as collegiate team leaders and ultimately, with practice, highly effective in managerial or technological positions in relevant businesses and industry. 

Hosted by Tech Express Café, Executive Express Café, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, Technology Student Leadership Council, and ISU Business Engagement Center