Military Opportunities

As part of its commitment to the wider community, Indiana State University offers the opportunity for students to become leaders in the nation's Air Force or Army.

Air Force ROTC

Why enter the corporate world on the ground floor when you can land a management position right out of school in the U.S. Air Force? After completing the AFROTC program and graduating from college, you'll join the Air Force as an officer with the opportunity to lead others in your career field. As an officer in the Air Force, you can expect an excellent starting salary plus additional allowances, as well as free medical and dental insurance, 30 days of vacation a year and a substantial retirement plan. But more importantly, you will grow as a person and a leader.


"Leadership that Lasts a lifetime"
(Army ROTC)

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Army ROTC) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and can be a part of your college curriculum. Being a student at Indiana State University and learning to become a leader will make your college experience even richer-and prepare you for the future.

Military Leadership Minor

The minor in Military Leadership is offered to any interested student. In addition to studying Air Force/Army organizations, missions, and operations, students will gain skills that will enhance their leadership abilities. All courses in the program are being taught currently, and formalizing them into a minor will give students the benefit of having the specialty recognized officially on their college transcript.

Veteran’s Support Center

Located in the Myers Technology Center, room 107 Indiana State University is an approved veterans benefits institution, and is prepared to offer you the support needed to use the education benefits you have earned. Our student services staff and admissions counselors will help you find out how best to use your previous military education, skills, and interests to achieve your career objectives.