Dean's Student Advisory Council

2022 Officers

 COT Chair: Alyssa Robben, Interior Architecture Design


   COT  Secretary: Jacob Shaw, Engineering


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Bylaws for the College of Technology Dean's Student Advisory Council

Bylaws for the College of Technology Dean's Student Advisory Council


Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the College of Technology


Section 1. General Purpose

This organization is designed for the betterment and success of students in the College of Technology.

Section 2. Specific Purpose

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the COT is to discuss college-specific issues regarding academics and student success.

Specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

• Communicate with students of the COT to listen and realize their thoughts and concerns.

• Advocate on behalf of COT students by voicing opinions that allow administrative members to be aware of the comments, issues, concerns, and feedback. Administrators will convey the message to faculty.

• Brainstorm and provide recommendations and changes that will enhance the COT.


Section 1. Eligibility for Membership

Student membership requires a student with a major in the College of Technology. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.75 for undergraduate and 3.25 for graduate students, and all student members must be full time. Ideal membership includes Graduate Students, International Students, students from each Department in the COT, and Distance Students.

Section 2. Selection Process

Students interested may submit an application to the Dean’s Office. Students may be nominated to the Dean’s Student Advisory Council by faculty and/or staff within the College of Technology, but are still required to submit an application. The student will either be denied or accepted as a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council. Applications will be accepted until all seats are filled. Students may still apply to become a member once all seats are filled, but no more students will be allowed on the council until the beginning of the following semester. If capacity is reached, applications may be saved and placed on hold for future consideration when more seats need to be filled. There is a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 20 students to serve on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council at any given time.


There will be an elected secretary position and chair position that serves for a calendar year (January – December). Dean’s office and chair/ secretary members will be responsible for running the meetings, notifying the members of changes or updates, and other duties that arise.


The Dean’s Student Advisory Council meetings will be held once per month during the academic year with the date, time, and location approved in the first meeting. Each student member will be allowed one absence. On the second absence, they will be removed as a member. Class is considered an excused absence.


Should a student member want to express a thought, but not in front of the council during a meeting, the student may request a one-on-one meeting with the Dean/chair. If the student does not feel comfortable meeting with the Dean/chair, they may instead request a meeting with the secretary instead to express this concern.

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