International Student Services

Undergraduate only:

For letters regarding transfer evaluation, progression towards degree, I-20 extensions, OPT or any others, please contact Christina Cantrell.

For letters regarding online courses, courses taken at other institutions, or tutoring, please contact Connie Stateler.

CPT paperwork must be completed by Department Chair.

SACM Students

Change of Major

If you wish to change your major you must first get SACM approval in the form of a new Financial Guarantee letter that lists the approved major. Follow the instructions on the SACM website. One of the things SACM requests is a letter documenting that you will be accepted into the new major, how the courses you have completed and are registered in will be used in the new major, and an anticipated graduation date unless you are a new student. This letter must be written and signed by the designated person in the college that houses the major you wish to change to. For majors in College of Technology (COT), please email Christina Cantrell to request the letter. If SACM approves the change, please bring a copy of the new Financial Guarantee to the Student Services Office.

Distance Courses at ISU

A degree earned from an institution outside KSA can include no more than 12 credits from distance courses, and the preference is that all courses be taken in face-to-face sections. Degrees with more than 12 credits from distance courses run the risk of not being issued an equivalency by the Ministry. Please do the following if you wish to take a distance course at ISU:

• Check your records to be sure you have not already reached the 12-credit limit.

• You are limited to 1 distance course in a given semester, and need to be able to show that the requirement cannot be met with a campus section during that same semester.

• SACM must approve the distance course, and will send approval documentation to the student and Mr. Chaqra in the Center for Global Engagement. To request the letter from the College that is needed as part of the approval process see Connie Stateler in TC 109 as soon as you register in the distance course (not before). If you do not receive approval for the distance course you should drop it from your schedule, or you will be dropped administratively after the start of the term.

• NOTE: Information Technology majors must take CS 151 in a campus section. A distance section of this course will not be approved by the department.

• NOTE: Freshman or students still being advised by University College should not request to take a distance course.

Courses at Other Institutions

SACM will not approve taking a distance course at any institution other than your home school (ISU). Your advisor or professor will not sign a Guest Application or write a letter of support to attend other institutions. If SACM makes a specific exception for you, ask them to send verification to Christina Cantrell via email and she will forward that email to your advisor and the Center for Global Engagement.

If you wish to take a campus course at another institution to meet a requirement, for example during the summer, do the following:

• Bring your advisor printed information from the institution’s website that verifies the course is being taught on campus. If the course is not one that automatically transfers to ISU to meet a specific requirement you may also need to provide a course description or syllabus.

• If your advisor approves the course he/she should email Mr. Chaqra in the Center for Global Engagement and provide: your name and student ID number, the course and institution where you want to take it, verification of how the course will transfer to ISU and that it will cover a requirement, verification that the course is being taught face-to-face. The printout from the registration website should be included as an attachment.

• Once the email is sent, make an appointment with Mr. Chaqra to discuss the situation. If he approves he will email Christina and ask her to write a letter that you can attach to the SACM website. If they approve, SACM will send you a Financial Guarantee for the specific course.

• A grade of C or higher must be earned in order for ISU to accept the transfer credit.

Adding a Second Major

SACM will not approve adding a second major. They may approve a minor as long as it does not interfere with completing your work within the timeframe of your scholarship or 120 credit limit.

Progress Toward Graduation

At times SACM may ask you to provide a letter that documents your graduation status. Please email Christina Cantrell for this request.

Completion Statements: If you are requesting to upgrade your SACM scholarship for graduate school, you may need to provide them with verification that you have graduated prior to receiving the transcript that shows the degree was awarded. If this is the case, COT can give you a “Completion Statement” after all your grades are posted and we verify that you meet all graduation requirements. Email Christina Cantrell with this request.