The faculty and administration of the College of Technology recognizes that financing a university education is a significant hardship for many students and their parents. Therefore, we have actively recruited outside organizations and individuals to fund scholarships and grants for technology students at our institution. Unfortunately, not all of the scholarships are awarded each year, because students do not apply for them. We would like to change that.

Knowing what scholarships are available is the first step in obtaining financial assistance. Both current and prospective technology students will find information about scholarships available in the College of Technology through this site.

Click here for a list of scholarships by major. Click on each scholarship name for a description of the requirements and background information on the award.

Click here to view a list of scholarships offered to all students through Indiana State University.

Click on APPLY TO SCHOLARSHIPS below to go to the College of Technology General Scholarship Application. "Sign in" (gold button in upper right), complete the general application AND the 12 supplemental questions listed:




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