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Technology Management (TM), M.S.


Our vision is that Technology Management graduates will be the most sought-after managers.


Our mission is to help current successful engineering and technical professionals become successful managers by mentoring them to improve and demonstrate their ability to communicate, build teams, inspire others, and make data-driven decisions.

Program Description

The MS in Technology Management program builds upon your engineering or technical baccalaureate degree to enable you to lead others, manage projects, proactively manage changing technical systems, and communicate the above to internal and external constituencies. The program is meant to meld seamlessly with the PhD in Technology Management. All required courses are on-line.

Admission Requirements

For regular admission to the program, the ideal candidate will meet the following criteria.

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7.
  • ABET accredited baccalaureate degree (or baccalaureate degree that meets ABET curriculum standards).

Conditional admission can be granted if the ABET baccalaureate requirement is not met. Conditional admission results in additional course-related requirements to be met before the person can be transitioned to full admission.

Accelerated 4+1 Option for Current Indiana State University Undergraduate Students

Normally, about two years is required for the full-time, regularly admitted student to complete the MS in Technology Management program. Current Indiana State University students in appropriate majors can complete the program in one year. Many students find it convenient to take one more year and earn a master’s degree. This option must be selected before the senior year, so that you can be scheduled into the correct courses. Talk to your advisor or the AETM Department Chair. The following Indiana State baccalaureate degrees are good examples of appropriate degrees for the MS in Technology Management 4+1 option.

  • Automotive Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Technology Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Packaging Engineering Technology

Students in other Indiana State University programs can be admitted to the MS in Technology Management program, but the 4+1 option may not be feasible and/or conditional admission requirements might apply. Talk to your advisor or the AETM Department Chair.