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Professional Certification and Licensure

Indiana State University offers several programs that lead to professional licensure or certification in Indiana and may lead to professional licensure in other states. These programs may satisfy the relevant educational requirements set by various state licensing bodies that oversee certain professions. While Indiana State’s programs may satisfy the basic educational requirements for licensure, applicants for licensure may need to pass additional exams and complete required applications before becoming fully licensed. Additionally, some professions may require continuing education requirements to maintain a professional license. In some cases, reciprocity arrangements may allow licensed professionals to practice in different states for which reciprocity is recognized.

In compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations found in 34 C.F.R. 668.43(a)(5)(v), Indiana State is required to disclose whether certain programs meet educational requirements for professional licensure and certification if the programs are designed or advertised as meeting such requirements. ISU has identified the following programs as ones that are designed for and advertised as meeting educational requirements for professional licensure.

Disclosures to Students

Indiana State University will make direct disclosures via email to prospective and enrolled students with a location (determined by “local address”) in a state other than Indiana regarding whether the student’s academic program satisfies educational requirements for professional licensure.

For prospective students, these disclosures will be provided after the student’s acceptance into the academic program and prior to the student’s registration for classes in the program.

For enrolled students, these disclosures will be provided within 14 days after any determination that an Indiana State University program does not meet the educational requirements for professional licensure in a state in which an enrolled student is located.

The administrative departments that offer the programs have made the ->following determination regarding their curriculum.<-

Professional Certification and Licensure Programs


BS in Accounting
BS in Art Education All Grade
BS in Athletic Training
BSW in Social Work
BS in Special Education
BSN in Nursing
BS in Business Education
BA/BS in Elementary Education
BSE in Engineering
BA in English Teaching
BA in Language Studies Teaching
BS in Mathematics Teaching
BS in Middle School Mathematics Teaching
BSN in Nursing-LPN/LVN to BSN Track
BS in Physical Education-All Grade
BS in Recreational Therapy
BS in Social Studies Education
BS in Special Education
BS in Technology and Engineering Education


MS in Athletic Training
Family Nurse Practitioner MSN*
MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
MS in Genetic Counseling
MS in Occupational Therapy
MSW in Social Work
MSW in Social Work-Advanced Standing
MS in Special Education
MS in Speech Language Pathology
MSN in Nursing
MS in Physician Assistant Studies
MEd in School Administration and Supervision
MS in Special Education MS
MS in Special Education
MED in Teaching and Learning


Doctorate in Athletic Training
DNP in Nursing
PhD in Educational Administration: School Administration
DPT in Physical Therapy
PsyD in School Psychology

Educational Specialist Degrees

EdS in School Psychology
EdS in School Administration

Licensures and certificates

Post-Masters Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner
Graduate Licensure in Gifted and Talented
Graduate Licensure in Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Post-Masters Certificate in Nursing Education
Post-Masters Certificate in Family Nursing Education
Post-Masters Certificate in Nursing Education
School Administration (Post-Master’s Licensure)
School Counselor (Post-Master’s Licensure)
Graduate Licensure in Visual Impairment