STARS Initiative

Welcome to Indiana State University! The success of every student is extremely important to us at State. That’s why we’ve created the STARS Initiative (Students Acting Responsibly and Strategically) to support your important transition from high school to college. As you prepare to attend State, please review the information below about how STARS can help you succeed.

Program Requirements

All students who were conditionally admitted for the fall semester are required to participate in the STARS Initiative. The program includes the following requirements designed to support your journey at State. You will:

  • Join the STARS Living-learning community
  • Take three foundational studies courses with other STARS students
  • Meet with a peer mentor each week
  • Participate in four hours of structured studying each week
  • Earn the status of "good standing" at State in order to declare a major
  • Agree to abide by STARS policies

Students who are conditionally admitted mid-year will have a slightly modified version of the program, but will still be expected to fully participate in the STARS Initiative.

Living-learning Communities

You’ll join a living-learning community in which you will live on the same floor within a residence hall and share a room with other STARS students. The floor will be staffed by both a Residential Peer Mentor and a Resident Assistant assigned to provide peer support during your first year inside and outside the classroom. Residence hall assignments for this program will be made in July following New Student Orientation, giving you the opportunity to meet other STARS participants and find a roommate.


You’ll take three courses together with other STARS students: University College 100, English 101, and Communication 101. You’ll also be assigned an academic advisor who will work with you throughout your first year as you identify a major and strive toward your future career goals.

Peer Mentoring

You’ll be provided a peer mentor to meet with on a weekly basis as you navigate college for the first time. This mentor will also serve as a peer instructor in your UC 100, COMM 101, or ENG 101 course and will attend that class with you. This person will work with you to build academic and personal success skills, and will be a peer that you can lean on for support during your first year at ISU.

Structured Studying

You’ll participate in four hours of structured studying each week in your residence hall. We want to ensure that you begin your academic career with strong habits that you can carry with you throughout your four years at State. Structured study tables will ensure that you learn early on the value of scheduling your study time to help you find balance as you transition to college.

These are nationally recognized strategies that aid in college student success. All STARS participants will be required to join these programs and must sign a contract at New Student Orientation agreeing to abide by these policies. Utilizing these resources along with consistent class attendance and homework submission will set you up for a successful first year and will help you develop strategies for excelling in your four years at Indiana State University.

STARS Coordinators

Jim Pond
Associate Director
University College
Indiana State University
(812) 237-3290

Stephanie Pearcy
Director, Student Outreach & Success
University College
Indiana State University
(812) 237-2278