Business Builders

Business Builders

Business Builders is an outreach program of the Business Engagement Center at Indiana State University. As Indiana State’s liaison for business support services and economic development, Business Builders works with faculty, staff, and students from all areas of the University and various networking throughout the community to identify business needs and coordinate solutions.


The Business Builders program is a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, leveraging university resources offering experiential learning to students. 

Service Engagement Categories

  • Marketing— Reaching a company's target audience is hard to accomplish with limited resources; Business Builders has the resources that will be beneficial for marketing success.
  • Web Services— Need a Web page? Or does your current site need a face lift?  Business Builders can create an effective and appealing Web site for professionals.
  • Networking— Business Builders maintains a robust network of business and industry specialists, entrepreneurs, faculty, government officials, organizations and institutions at the regional and national levels. Companies can benefit and grow from being connected to such partners.  
  • Sustainability - Indiana State's Office of Sustainability offers consultations and business reviews to ensure your business is engaging in sustainable practices for long-term success.  
  • Interior Design— Indiana State houses a nationally accredited interior design program that creates or revitalizes retail, dining, or office locations to develop a functional layout that will appeal to customers.  
  • Budget Analysis— Assistance with analyzing a company’s cash-flow and effective spending measures to ensure funds are being allocated in a profitable manor.  
  • Accounting— Accurate financial records are vital to a company’s success; assistance to maintain and implement proper accounting procedures.  
  • Technology Training and Support— Assistance with training and support on various software systems and equipment to help companies get the most out of their current technology to ensure efficiency.  
  • Emergency Procedure Development— CPR , AED, First Aid training, various Emergency (Tornado, Earthquake, Black-out, etc.) action plans, and ensuring that companies are OSHA compliant.  
  • Insurance and Risk management— Assistance with actuarial, claims, loss control, risk management, safety management, and underwriting.  
  • Commercialization— Facilitating the collaboration between company and Indiana State faculty and students for product development (i.e. marketing focus groups, internships, etc.)  
  • Packaging Technology —  Manufacturing, mechanical technology, graphic/commercial art and marketing.  
  • Business Plan Development and refinement— Assistance in business plan development and refinement through the Sycamore Business Advisors, for both start-up as well as existing companies, including marketing and financial plans and projections.

Not seeing the resources you need? Contact our Business Engagement Center and they would be happy to connect you with the right resources.  


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