American Democracy Project

The American Democracy Project is hosting the following co-curricular programming:
January 30: State of the Union Tweet-Up


Events Area, Cunningham Memorial Library

Join the campus community to watch President Trump’s State of the Union Address (and tweet along the way). An introduction to SOTUs past and present will precede the address, and pizza and cookies will be provided.

February 13: Pizza and Politics: Beading Across Identities—Privilege in the U.S.


Events Area, Cunningham Memorial Library

Students will participate in an activity that highlights the ways in which we are privileged (or not) based on our identities from sexuality to ability to race to class. This highly interactive experience will conclude with a reflection on how privilege impacts our daily lives and influences public policy and political outcomes. Pizza and cookies will be provided.

February 26: ISU Day at the Indiana Statehouse

State Capitol

Indianapolis, Indiana

Students will be representing departments and student organizations at the Indiana State Capitol. Here, students will have the opportunity to meet state legislators, discuss their work and activities at Indiana State, and tour the capitol building. A true government-in-action experience.

February 27: Indiana Court of Appeals Oral Argument


Magna Carta Room, Scott College of Business

The campus community has the opportunity to observe the oral arguments of a case presented to the Indiana Court of Appeals as part the Court’s Appeals on Wheels Initiative. 

March 19-22: Get-Out-The-TurboVote

Various Campus Locations

In advance of the 2018 midterm election, specifically the May Indiana primary, ADP will be hosting a variety of voter registration and information stations for students around campus. Free goodies will be given out. Students are also encouraged to use the TurboVote badge on the portal at any time to register to vote, receive election information, arrange an absentee ballot, and check the status of their voter registration.

March 22: Pizza and Politics: To the 2018 Midterm and Beyond!


Events Area, Cunningham Memorial Library

To round-out the campus get-out-the-vote efforts, this event will center on an interactive experience for students to learn about the role of elections and voting, what midterm elections are and why they matter, and also provide opportunities for students to check their voter registration, get registered to vote, arrange an absentee ballot, and sign up for information on the election.

*Other events will be added throughout the semester, so please check the ADP website

For more information, contact ADP Campus Coordinator, Dr. Carly Schmitt (



Dr. Carly Schmitt

Holmstedt Hall 324
Indiana State University