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President’s Award for Civic and Community Leadership

The President’s Award for Civic and Community Leadership is presented annually to an undergraduate student at Indiana State University who has made community and civic engagement integral to her/his college experience. The purpose of the award is to honor and encourage students who have given generously of their time and energy through participation in service learning activities.

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Faculty Distinguished Service Awards

The Faculty Distinguished Service Award recognizes distinguished service outside the classroom to the university, students, professional organizations, and the community. Excellence in, intensity of, long-term commitment to, and tangible evidence of the impact of service are the criteria considered in the selection of the awards.

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Faculty Award for Community-Based Learning and Scholarship

The Faculty Award for Community-Based Learning and Scholarship is presented annually to one or more full-time faculty members at Indiana State University who have made serving the community an integral part of their academic goals and activities. The purpose of the award is to honor and encourage faculty members who have given generously of their time and energy to the community, through creation and promotion of community-based learning activities and through scholarship focused on community issues.

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Community Partner Award

The Indiana State University Community Partner Award is presented annually to one or more non-profit organizations, educational institutions, public agencies, or private/corporate organizations that have contributed to the experience of Indiana State University students through the development and sustenance of a lasting partnership.

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Staff Award for Community Engagement

Presentation of the Indiana State University Staff Award for Community Engagement will be made to one or more staff who have contributed to the Wabash Valley through development and creative outreach to a community partner. This award recognizes staff for their outstanding service and acknowledgement of the university’s commitment to engagement.

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The Center for Community Engagement coordinates several internal grant programs for students, faculty, and staff that support ISU's experiential learning and community engagement initiatives. Grant applications are available online at To find out more details about each grant please see descriptions below. For questions or more information please contact Heather Miklozek at

Faculty Conference Travel Grant

The purpose of the Community Engagement and Experiential Learning Faculty Conference Travel Fund is to support faculty members to present their community engagement and experiential learning research, teaching, or service at state, regional, and national conferences. Preference will be given to conferences with a community engagement or experiential learning focus. Regular and temporary faculty are eligible to apply for up to $1500 in funding per academic year. Temporary faculty must hold a faculty appointment during the entire grant project period.

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Faculty-Led Travel (Domestic) Grant

Course-related travel is a short-term, faculty-led experience that integrates travel with an on-campus academic course. The experience need not be required for all students in the course. Examples include (but are not limited to) travel to attend or make presentations at professional meetings, conferences, or conventions; to sites to conduct research, observe places, events, procedures that are important to the discipline, or engage with professionals and experts in the field.

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Focus Indiana Employer Field Trip

These are one or multiple day field trips that connect students with Indiana employers in the employer's work setting. The purpose of these trips is to let students have first-hand experience in a professional setting. Faculty members are invited to apply for up to $1500 to support such an experience. This grant does not support student conference travel. For more information please contact Teresa Dwyer, Assistant Director of Employer Relations,

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Focus Indiana Foundational Studies Mini-Grant

The purpose of this mini-grant program is to develop and expand high-impact practices that help students connect their liberal arts education with the demands of the 21st century workplace. This program provides financial assistance to regular faculty who are prepared to develop and implement such a project into a foundational studies course

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Experiential Learning and Community Engagement/Ryves Neighborhood Partnership/Riverscape Mini-Grant

Funding cycle for FY 2014-2015 has closed for ELCE. Funding still available for Ryves Neighborhood Partnership/Riverscape Mini-Grant.

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Michael Simmons Student Team Activity Endowment

The Michael Simmons Activity Endowment was established to support experiential learning activities for teams of students at Indiana State University (ISU) in the spirit of Michael Simmons' extracurricular experiences at ISU. Mr. Simmons was a student leader on campus in the early 1960s and one of the founders of ISU's Tricycle Derby.

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Professional Certification Assistance

In many fields, professional certification provides prospective employees an advantage in securing a job. The Career Center offers an assistance program to help students earn elective professional certifications. The program reimburses students for a portion of their certification exam or application fees. The program does not cover licensure or exam fees that are required by an industry or that would be expected as part of employment in that industry (i.e. nursing licensure or teaching licensure).

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Summer Student Research Stipends

Information about student research and creative project grants is available on the Center for Student Research and Creativity website.

Student Organization Grant

Funds are available to support community service projects that are organized by ISU student organizations.

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Travel Seminar

Information about the International Travel Seminar Grant Program is available on the Study Abroad website.

Dr. William G. and Susan Gans McCarthy Endowment

The endowment aspires to encourage any department of Indiana State University to request a grant. The grant would assist in the implementation of something new. The McCarthys’ intent is to increase the literacy of children and/or to reduce poverty anywhere in the world. The intent of the grant is to encourage and assist faculty or administrators to innovate. The grant solicits new ideas to be implemented in a timely manner; actions not words, guaranteeing new pathways. Art, religion, politics, and community might well find a place in the proposal.

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