Michael Simmons Student Team Activity Endowment


Purpose The Michael Simmons Activity Endowment was established to fund opportunities for students to work together as teams outside of class. Mr. Simmons was a student leader on campus in the early 1960s and one of the founders of ISU’s Tricycle Derby.

Funding Guidelines

Funds are available to support University-sponsored extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for students to work in teams either in a competitive or non-competitive setting. Priority is given to activities organized by students and/or student organizations. Examples of allowable projects include the following:

  • An annual team competition (i.e. club sports, pitch competitions, design competitions) between other universities and colleges.
  • Strengthened or enhanced existing University events (e.g. providing stipends of a set amount that defray costs for teams to build floats for the annual Homecoming parade).
  • An initiative that is a one-time event or one-time participation in a statewide or national activity (e.g. entry fee for student-led team participation in the RAIN ride, concrete canoe competition, etc.).
  • A tournament or contest (athletic or non-athletic) between teams representing their fraternity or sorority, residence hall or student organizations.
  • Development of a new club sport or intramural program.
  • Design and development of a prototype by a student team.
  • Creative work by a team that leads to a performance or exhibition.
  • Design, implementation and completion of a service-project by a student team. (For a project to receive consideration, it must be designed, planned and implemented by the student team and there must be a tangible outcome. On-going volunteer or service experiences will not receive consideration).

Allowable expenses include:

  • Direct programs costs including marketing and promotion, materials and supplies, refreshments, facility rental, and other related expenses.
  • Direct support for student participation (e.g. small cash awards or trophies for Trike Race participants creatively structured such as fastest time trial, a hard luck award, last place award, etc.)
  • Facility improvements and equipment that directly improve an existing program (e.g. installation of additional bleachers at the Michael Simmons Activity Center, sports equipment to increase participation in an intramural program).
  • Entry fees or costs associated with allowing a team of students to participate in an initiative

Activities that are not supported by the endowment include:

  • Conferences, workshops, or training programs for student organizations, individual students or staff
  • Activities associated with credit-bearing classes
  • Field trips
  • On-going service-learning and volunteer programs. Proposed programs may have a philanthropic component, but must also be student led and team focused.
  • Salary or wages for regular student and/or professional staff. Wages may be allowed for temporary skilled staff that are required for an event or program (i.e. lifeguards, referees/athletic officials).


Contact Info

Center for Community Engagement

Indiana State University
Tirey Hall 134
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809

Phone: 812-237-2335
Fax: (812) 237-2525

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