Approval of Leave

Employees must submit a written request and receive approval from their supervisor prior to using community service leave. Supervisors may require written verification from an official of the community service organization for use of community service leave.

Supervisors should attempt to approve leave at the time requested by the employees, but have the discretion to disapprove the leave if it will significantly impact the University operations.

The University may determine that it is not possible to release certain employees under this policy due to staffing requirements. The supervisor may require that the leave be taken at a time other than the one requested based on operation needs, and/or may require acceptable proof that any leave taken is within the purpose of this policy.

If the leave request is approved by the supervisor, the employee may register for the program through the Center for Community Engagement.

Additionally, if response to emergency situations as a member of a volunteer fire department or rescue squad will result in tardiness to work, employees must notify their supervisors as promptly as possible.


Center for Community Engagement

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