Faculty Development Series

Faculty Learning Community-Service Learning

With partnership with the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, the Center for Community Engagement will provide a 1 year intensive seminar that focuses on the creation and development of service learning courses. Through seminars and additional materials, faculty will explore the concepts of service learning to provide concrete evidence to support the curriculum through an experiential learning, service learning, or community engagement perspective.


Eligible Faculty:

Instructors or tenured/tenure track faculty

Seminar Requirements:

  • Attendance to all 2 hour sessions (8 sessions). Agreement must be signed by chair, dean, and faculty
  • Commitment to teach the course for minimum of three years and complete the Curricular Engagement Inventory each year the course is offered.
  • Submit a brief report at the end of the semester your integrated service learning course is complete (i.e. examples of reflective assignments, student evaluations, feedback from community partner, etc.);
  • Become a resource to your college with respect of service learning pedagogies and methodologies
  • Serve as a mentor to other faculty for service learning strategies in your college
  • Serves as a champion for the Center for Community Engagement and Division of University Engagement as area specific experts, serve on committees, and spokesperson for service learning, community engagement, and experiential learning.
  • Attendance and completion of seminar and course implementation qualifies for a $1000 stipend (received in two installments after the completion of seminar and evidence of course implementation)
  • Travel stipend to professional conferences showcasing service learning implementation will be provided for qualifying candidate.

Registration coming soon for Fall 2024

Example Sessions
Session 1 - Introduction


Session 2 - Building & Maintaining Partnerships 


Session 3 - Student Integrity & Risk Management 


Session 4 - Assignments & Data 


Session 5 - Assessment 


Session 6 - Faculty Promotion, Tenure & Reviews 


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