Formatting Instructions

1. APA Style

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines of the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

APA 6th edition recommends using 12 pt., Times New Roman font. All text throughout your paper should be double-spaced (including reference).

3. Blinding

Two versions should be uploaded - one that is blinded, which should be uploaded as the primary copy, and the other should be un-blinded and uploaded as a supplemental file.

4. Acknowledgements and Footnotes

Acknowledgements and footnotes are usually placed at the end of the main body and the references section. Please make sure that this section is removed in the blinded copy.

5. Supplemental Documents

Authors may submit 2-3 electronic color photographs (as separate files) that demonstrate the activities or outcomes of the community engagement activities featured in the manuscript (JPEG or GIF files are preferred). Non-photographic tables and figures should be cited and embedded in the narrative text with titles and captions.

6. Sample Paper

Please click here to download.


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