Types of Articles

  • Perspectives are invited articles from faculty and administrative leaders addressing topical issues.
  • Manuscript Length Requirement: N/A
Research and Theory
  • ​A general article is research-based with a theoretical foundation that advances new knowledge or provides theoretical insights and understanding into community engagement and community-based learning. These articles should have a sound methodology/research design and well-developed analysis (data) section.
  • Manuscript ​​Length limit: 25
Insights, Case Studies, and Applications
  • An Insights, Case Studies, and Applications article is a tightly written descriptive case study that includes a concise, brief description of methods employed and attempts to illustrate a specific relationship or set of relationships about the application and insights towards community engagement and community-based learning. Insights and applications articles could describe a particular problem and draw attention to the implications of the work for the larger field of study of higher education, community engagement, and pedagogy. The piece should provide a contextual framework.
  • Manuscript ​​Length Limit: 15
  • The Forum section offers a medium for authors to present editorial remarks and their perspectives and observations about community engagement. These comments can be gleaned from the author’s engagements and derived from the author’s particular disciplinary orientation, previous experiences, and the like. Such observations might focus on similarities or differences (and the likely bases for these) in the nature of problems, institutions, or social processes they encounter. Hypotheses and research questions prompted by such experiences are welcome. Editorial or professional reaction or commentary on published material in the journal is also welcome.
  • Manuscript Length Limit: 8
Research Notes
  • ​A research note is a short article on a methodological or research design.
  • Manuscript Length Limit: 6
Book Review
  • Book reviews focus on new books in community engagement and community-based learning that are both academic and applied.
  • Manuscript ​​Length Limit: 4


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