Service-Learning Scholars


To develop a robust Service-Learning Scholars program at ISU showcasing the university's strategic commitment to academic excellence, dynamic community engagement, and meaningful public service.


Each fall, a new cohort will be selected to participate in a rewarding Service-Learning Scholar program at ISU. This semester long experience will feature the completion of service-learning designated coursework, an ongoing process of self-reflection on the meaning of service, and the application of one’s academic training and interests to specific community needs through a supervised service project. The program will be one of the university’s most visible touchstones, reflected not only in the recognition accorded to its participants on their transcripts, at University Engagement’s annual banquet, and in the press, but even more so in its clear resonance with the university’s overall mission, vision, retention goals, and strategic plan.


•  participation in two events sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement

•  one "Introduction to Service-Learning" course (1 credit, taught by Jennifer Christian, CCE Assistant Director)

•  20-30 service hours with a community partner

•  a short reflection essay at the end of the semester

•  a focused Service Project geared toward a community partner’s need

•  a poster showcasing the completed Service Project at the University Engagement’s spring banquet


•  official transcript designation as a Service-Learning Scholar

•  co-curricular transcript designation

•  honor/certificate/poster at University Engagement banquet

•  focused attention to a real need, addressed with a valued academic skill set

•  broad scope of possible community partners, not just in Terre Haute

•  sense of accomplishment in enhancing ISU’s national reputation for service and engagement

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Jessica Starr


Center for Community Engagement




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