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Our office seeks to empower members of the ISU community to build a resilient community of Sycamores. We work to provide sustainability initiatives and projects across campus and the community with dynamic collaborative partners. This also includes supporting and uplifting other partner’s initiatives. We want to integrate sustainability into operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research, and engagement with the ISU community.

We attempt to accomplish this by providing a central location for faculty, staff, students, and community to find resources and collaboration for integrating sustainability into their practices and policies. We create, implement, and manage innovative programs and events in collaboration with others. We establish metrics and track institutional sustainability performance. Finally, we want to share the sustainability stories that happen within this community. Please take a moment to tour ISU with our Campus Sustainability Tour.



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About US


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Our Mission

The Office of Sustainability seeks to promote environmental responsibility and economic vitality, while fostering social equity, on campus and in the surrounding communities. The office provides opportunities for all students and community members, regardless of degree or field of work, to improve their understanding of how they can advance sustainability in the modern world.


Our Values

Social Equity
Environmental Responsibility
Economic Vitality


Our Division

The Office of Sustainability is part of the Divison of University Engagement at ISU. The Divison of University Engagement connects community and university partners to address the most pressing challenges in the communities we serve, prepare ISU students for rewarding careers and civic leadership, and support lifelong learning throughout west-central Indiana.

The Division of University Engagement at Indiana State University has a commitment to inclusion. We provide a welcoming and respectful environment where inclusivity puts diversity into action. As members of the University community, we are committed to meaningful intercultural relationships within our University and with our community partners. We believe that the development of our students, faculty, and staff are best supported in a climate that honors diverse experiences and perspectives.

Accessibility information: The Office of Sustainability is a single level building structure with an elevated front porch and back deck. Surrounding sidewalks are intact and there are ramp entrances to the sidewalk and office porch. The ISU Community Garden has some concrete pathways, but is mostly wood chip paths. There are occassional loud sounds from nearby train tracks and passing traffic. 


The Garden

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The Indiana State University Community Garden was started in 2008 as a community engagement effort to bring various groups that were interested in encouraging people to grow their own fresh food. Representatives from ISU, Catholic Charities, The White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, and Purdue Extension were brought together by request of President Benjamin and initiated the establishment of the community garden. Originally, the ISU Community Garden was operated through the Center for Community Engagement. The community garden became part of the Office of Sustainability when it was established in 2012.

Unbounded Possibilities

An image of two people in a kayak in the Wabashikii with a logo for unbounded possibilities on teh left side of the image

The Office of Sustainability was one of eight programs established through the Unbounded Possibilities initiative in 2012. Unbounded Possibilities wanted programs that could boost community engagement and experiential learning, set up additional investment in those existing programs, and find new promising outlets to finance. Under the original Institute for Community Sustainability name, the office moved into the Garden House and began implementing sustainability initiatives.


Yellow house with solar panels on the right side of the roof

In 2018, the Office of Sustainability was named and added a 6.6 watt roof mounted solar array that provides more than enough power for the entire Garden House. The Garden House is an exemplar of sustainability. The office space is always available as a meeting and gathering space for the community and campus. Contact us if you are interested in using the space. The interior of the house can fit 20 people, there are accessible walkways and entrances, and the office is equipped with a full kitchen and projector equipment.