The Institute for Community Sustainability (ICS) was funded in February 2012 through Indiana State University's Unbounded Possibilities initiative. In 2018, ICS was renamed to the Office of Sustainability to improve on campus exposure. The Office of Sustainability’s mission is to promote environmental responsibility and economic vitality, while fostering society equity on campus and in the surrounding communities. The office provides opportunities for all students and community members, regardless of degree or field of work, to improve their understanding of how they can advance sustainability in the modern world.

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Indiana State University signed on to the American College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment in 2007
  • Our current carbon emissions are at 53% of 1990 levels. Many advances have been made on campus since 1989 to develop a park-like campus and to increase energy efficiency.
  • Applied for $2.4 million and received $68,800 in external grants, generating 30% of our own funding
  • Coached more than 3,600 experiential and community engagement student learning experiences
  • Gave 43 sustainability presentations, including 5 international presentations
  • Formed a network of more than 75 community partners
  • Generated more than 630 news articles and other media pieces
  • Contributed over $48,000 in in-kind donations to community sustainability efforts
  • Hosted 135 major events open to the public


President Dan Bradley, Sycamore Sam, and others celebrate Earth Day at ISU.


Contact Info

Nick McCreary, Coordinator
219 North 11th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
(812) 232-8502