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Overview of campus with green trees and visible buildings in the background. The logo for the office of sustainability is in the top left corner and the circular mark is in the bottom right.

We strive to collaborate with as many partners as possible to create experiential learning for students at Indiana State and to integrate sustainability into all facets of campus. Students are consistently working with us to apply course learning and material. Indiana State University students are some of the most driven and capable students in Indiana. We want to create opportunities for our awesome students to contribute to sustainability efforts and knowledge at ISU and in the greater Indiana community. There are multiple ways for students to become involved such as student organizations, course integration, and other opportunities. 


Sustainability Fellows

The Sustainability Fellows program encourages ISU staff + faculty interested in building a sustainability culture at ISU to join. Through the program, folks will meet likeminded people and learn about campus sustainability issues here at ISU. It is expected that Sustainability Fellows will take what they learn through the program back to their individual offices and help others learn about campus sustainability. it is also expected that Fellows attempt to progressively integrate sustainability practices and behaviors in their indivdual office culture. 

If interested in becoming a Fellow or would like more information, please reach out to

Participant Requirements

  • Attend educational orientation session
  • Attend at least two Lunch 'N Learns during each semester
  • Submit Sustainable Spaces certification

Participant Benefits

Sustainability Fellows will gain (1) a sustainability network at ISU, (2) direct access to campus sustainability information, and (3) a certification award for becoming a Fellow.

Student Sustainability Coalition & Organizations

Student Voices in Sustainability at ISU

The Student Sustainability Coalition (SSC) is a representative group of student organizations, student government association representatives, and other individual student representatives that all play a role in furthering sustainability through their projects, initiatives, and efforts. The SSC meets bi-weekly to discuss campus sustainability issues and their organizations current projects. The SSC facilitates collaboration between the representatives and collectively works towards improving sustainability at ISU. 

Member-organizations of SSC gain the opportunity to receive a mini-grant for projects and initiatives related to sustainability. The projects and initiatives funded are one-time and must be related to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The member-organizations are listed here.

Student Government Association (SGA), Residence Hall Association (RHA), Commuter Services, International Student Leadership Council (ISLC), SEAC, Sustainable Agriculture Leaders (SAL), Students of Color Environmental Collective (SCEC), Environmental Science Club

If you have any questions about the SSC or would like to join, please contact 

Student Organizations

Indiana State University offers an array of sustainability-focused student organizations. We have listed the main organizations that focus on implementing sustainability projects and initiatives and educating others about sustainability. However, there are many more student organizations that help advance sustainability initiatives at ISU. 

If you don't see a student organization that fits exactly what you want to do, please reach out to us. We are happy to help students start organizations that help advance sustainability in whatever way we can. We are actively looking to support students in creating outdoor recreation, urban agriculture, pollinator alliance, and Green Greeks.

SEAC (Sycamore Environmental Action Club)

circle logo for SEACThe Sycamore Environmental Action Club (SEAC) is a student-led organization that is dedicated to cultivating environmental awareness, promoting environmental education, and fostering environmental leadership through experiential and service learning activities.



STATE Environmental Science Club

black and white circle photo of a mountain with the words Environmental Science Club surrounding itThe Environmental Science Club educates and exposes members to experiences in fields of environmental science. They also educate the local public through community outreach about the environment and processes involved. They are involved in many service opportunities the community and education opportunities on campus. 



Students of Color Environmental Collective

green trees with SCEC The Students of Color Environmental Collective is an organization started by and for students of color that are passionate about sustaining the Earth. This club focuses on the intersection of identities and how environmental injustices impact the lives and safety of humans and the Earth. They focus on exploring issues of sustainability and how they can influence the campus community.




red background, fist outline in the middle with a print filling it that is an Earth imageryLet Us Live is an organization associated with the Greater Terre Haute NAACP region to educate and advocate for environmental justice in the community. Formed through an environmental justice committee, this organization has ties to ISU members and the community. Follow their facebook page and instagram.



Sustainable Agriculture Leaders (SAL)

Sustainable Agriculture Leaders logoSustainable Agriculture Leaders (SAL) is a student-led organization dedicated to growing agriculture in sustainable ways by partnering with the ISU Community Garden and Sycamore Food Forest. They want to raise awareness of food insecurity in our community at ISU and in Terre Haute and address it by directly donating produce. 


An overview image of the quad during fall with the Eco Reps wordmark in the lower left corner

Eco-Reps is a peer-to-peer educator program where students living in the residence halls can learn together about sustainability and implement sustainable programming and initiatives within the residence halls. This partnership with Residential Life allows students a unique opportunity to work with their peers and help encourage sustainable practices in the halls. Eco Reps will take a second 8 week course together during fall semester to learn about sustainability and programs they can implement. Then spring semester students will take a one credit course together where they will start implementing sustainable programs and initiatives in their residence halls. Students in any degree or field of study are encouraged to participate! Sustainability impacts us all and can be part of any field. 

The Eco-Reps will have a one-credit course during the fall and spring semester where they will learn about sustainability, have special guests, attend sustainable field trips, and plan events and projects with their fellow Eco-Reps. The program offers leadership opportunities during the academic year while in the program and offers continued leadership opportunities afterwards. The 2020-21 Eco-Reps Guidebook offers an overview of sustainability.
Group of seven students standing in a side-by-side line with office of sustainability t-shirts on
The 2019-2020 Eco-Reps decided to implement a composting facility on campus for their project of the year. The 2020-2021 Eco Reps piloted a personal composting program in Pickerl Hall. This involved deciding what type of composting to implement, people to involve, and various other experiences they would not have had without this program. This involved working with Residential Life and the Honors College to implement. This work will continue with the 2021-22 Eco Reps cohort.
Image on the left is of two students sitting at a table holding individual composting totes and a side beside them that says compost tote pick up. The right image is of a compost tote on the ground with a sticker that says blue is greener
If you are interested in joining this living learning community, you will need to fill out the application. If you have any questions about the program or would like to know more before applying, please reach out to We look forward to hearing from you!


Internships & Volunteers

Sustainability Internships

The Office of Sustainability hosts ISU students, high school students, and college students from other institutions to work with us through internships. These are not formal internship opportunities, because we do not have the capacity to offer structured learning experiences or financial compensation. These are offered due to the high volume of interest we get from students. However, many of the students that get involved through these informal internships have completed projects they can list on their resume. If you are interested in project-based and self-directed internships centered on sustainability for the campus or the community, send us an email.

If you want to get involved with a project for a course you have you should also reach out. Many students get involved for this specific reason.


The Office of Sustainability has volunteer opportunities through out most of the year. If you have required volunteer hours, group volunteer activities, or simply want to volunteer then you should contact us. We always need volunteer help for two main programs (1) Sustainability Month and (2) Earth Week. In addition to these, we always have things to do in the ISU Community Garden and Sycamore Food Forest.

Sycamore Service Saturday

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) hosts Sycamore Service Saturdays throughout the year. The ISU Community Garden is a location for most of these events. if our volunteer event does not work for you, please view CCE's other events.

Bluestem Internship

Bluestem Internship Program

Students at a table in front of the community garden

The Bluestem Internship Program is a hands-on learning internship program where students will work with faculty, staff, and community members to connect horticulture and urban agriculture with sustainability, cultural diversity, and social justice. The student interns will work to develop and plant a heritage garden while centering cultural narratives and meaning to horticulture and urban agriculture. The program addresses food deserts and food apartheid within the community by growing food that is donated directly to community members in need. The program is centered on providing an opportunity for students historically barred or removed from agriculture spaces due to systemic oppression and racist ideologies. 

The program runs from May - July. All internships are PAID

Applications for interested students will open February 1st and stay open until mid-March. All applicants will be considered for the internship program, but spots are limited to seven students due to available space in the garden. For more information about the program and its structure please visit our program brochure.

Intern Responsibilities
  • Attend and participate in weekly course meetings and complete all assignments
  • Maintain a shared garden plot and adhere to all ISU Community Garden policies, with approximately 30% of produce yield going to donations
  • Assist in Sycamore Food Forest operations and harvest weekly by signing up for designated shifts and responsibilities
  • Attend and participate in weekly field trips, site visits, community assistance opportunities, and more
Program Goals
  1. Establish a learning community for environmental justice at Indiana State University that propels action towards addressing injustices with and for the community.
  2. Providing access and information for local communities in a direct approach.
  3. Work within community to begin dismantling barriers fo rhistorically oppressed and discriminated against folks to enter agricultural spaces.