Sycamore Outdoor Center

The Indiana State University Sycamore Outdoor Center is a multi-use outdoor facility designed to accommodate educational and recreational programs for campus groups and the community at large. The Sycamore Outdoor Center is 80 acres of woods, trails and lakes located approximately 18 miles east of Terre Haute.

The Outdoor Center consists of eight lakes, which are fed through an underground water supply and cover 42 acres and several acres of wooded land. The Sycamore Outdoor Center also houses out Keystone Adventure Program which consists of a variety of challenge courses and group initiative activities provided by trained facilitators through out department. In addition, ten platform tents and a full-sized classroom make the ISU Sycamore Outdoor Center a poplar destination for a variety of groups.

For Reservations, Questions, and Information, contact:

ISU Conference and Event Services, Annika Clawson

or visit to fill out a reservation request form