Facilities Scheduling for Programs That Involve Youth

The following scheduling procedures must be followed by any department/program in the University that is planning a program involving minors. Programs involving minors that are subject to these guidelines include the following types of programs and activities.

  • One-Time or Special Events

    • On-campus and off-campus, University-sponsored programs
    • On-campus, externally-sponsored programs
  • On-Going or continuously-operating programs

The following sections provide specific procedures for scheduling each category of program.

Procedures for One-Time and Special Events, Camps, and Workshops

The procedures in this section apply to programs and events that are not part of the on-going work of a department or organization.  Events in this category include special, one-time events and regularly occurring annual or semester events.

Procedures for On-Campus and Off-Campus University-Sponsored Programs and Events

  1. Complete the Registration for University Events Involving Minors form located on the Conference and Event Services website.  The authorization form must be completed for every program regardless of program location.
  2. Completed the Event Authorization Form form must be signed by the event organizer, unit/ department head, and facility manager (if on-campus program) then submit completed form to Tami Weinzapfel-Smith for background checks. 
  3. The completed registration form must include the names, employee/student ID numbers, and E-mail addresses of all adult employees and volunteers that will interact with minors as part of the program or activity. Employees/volunteers who have not had a criminal history check through Indiana State University in the past four years must submit a Criminal Background Check consent. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the cost of the background checks. Criminal history checks and sex offender registry checks are completed by ISU Human Resources.  Upon completion of the criminal history check, Human Resources will return a roster of cleared and disqualified staff/volunteers to Conference and Event Services and the sponsoring department. Under no circumstances can volunteers or employees have contact with minors prior to completion of the Criminal Background Check and required training.
  4. The sponsoring organization is responsible for maintaining records for a period of two years indicating that each volunteer and employee has read the minor policy and received appropriate training.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for collecting and maintaining for two years written agreements for participation from parents or guardians of all minors participating in programs covered by the minor policy.

Procedures for On-Campus Programs and Events Sponsored by External Organizations

Any external individual or group interested in scheduling University facilities for a program or event must complete a Facilities Use Agreement with one of the following ISU offices:

  • Intercollegiate Athletics provides Facilities Use Agreements for the following athletic facilities: Memorial Stadium, Bob Warn Field, Gibson Track and Field, Athletic Indoor Facility, Indoor Track and Field Facility and ISU Arena – South Gym.
  • Sycamore Outdoor Center for use of the Sycamore Outdoor Center.
  • Conference and Event Services manages Facilities Use Agreements for all other University facilities including Hulman Center, Tilson Auditorium, University Hall Theater, Sycamore Banquet Center, HMSU, Magna Carta Room, McKee Family Heritage Lounge, Heritage Ballroom and all classrooms and academic spaces. 

Facility managers and schedulers who are not associated with one of these offices are not authorized to independently schedule external users in University facilities. Conference and Event Services staff will coordinate with facility managers/schedulers to assure that external use of facilities does not conflict with on-going academic or extracurricular activities. 

External users of University facilities are required to certify that they are in compliance with the ISU Minor Policy.

Procedures for Employees and Volunteers with On-Going or Continually Operating University Programs

Some departments and programs work with minors as a routine part of their on-going activities. An example of this type of program is the Community School of the Arts. 

On an annual basis, Directors of these programs will submit the Registration for University Events Involving Minors to Conference and Event Services.  For each program, a description of activities involving minors and a list of current staff, including student employees and volunteers, must be provided.  The list must include E-mail addresses and University ID numbers.  Human Resources will verify a current criminal background check for each staff member or volunteer. Employees/volunteers who have not had a criminal background check in the past four years must submit a paper copy of the Criminal Background Check consent. 

As new staff are hired, full and part-time exempt and non-exempt administrative staff and faculty will receive a criminal background check at the time of hire as a routine part of the hiring process. As departments hire new student workers, criminal background checks must be required at the time of hiring. If a student employee is required to work with minors, that information must be included in the position description. Student employees in such positions cannot start their jobs until the criminal background check is completed.

Volunteers with on-going University programs must be screened prior to beginning their volunteer work with the program. Prior to having contact with minors all new staff and volunteers must undergo appropriate training and certify that they have read and agree to abide by the University’s minor policy.