Register a Program Involving Youth

Indiana State University’s Policy 901 Programs Involving Minors, and Procedures for Programs Involving Minors describe ISU’s expectations of the Sponsoring Program/Department* interaction with youth programs, to help ensure the safety of youth while in the University's care. 

In order for a Programs Involving Youth to be recognized and supported by Indiana State University, the University Responsible Party** shall comply with the following:  

1. Program Registration

2. Background Checks

  • Complete the Event Authorization Form 
  • Submit the completed form to Tami Weinzaphel-Smith in Human Resources. 
  • All adults and non-student volunteers that will be interacting with youth must have gone through a criminal background check and a check of the national sex offender registry within the last four years.
  • All adults and non-student volunteers who will be present for youth programs must have undergone a criminal background check and a check of the national sex offender registry within the last four years
  • The Office of Human Resources, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, will review any adverse findings and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Contact Human Resources regarding background checks at

3. Waiver, Release and Indemnification Agreements

  • The Responsible Party must ensure that participant waiver, release and indemnification agreements are signed by a parent or legal guardian for each Child participating in a Program. 
  • It is recommended that programs also collect health/medical consent to treat forms whenever a minor child will be: staying overnight, traveling off-campus, consuming food while in the care of a Responsible Party, or volunteering in a laboratory. 
  • The Responsible Party shall maintain the signed waivers for two years after the child attends a youth program or camp on campus. The Responsible Party may submit waivers and forms to the Youth Programs on Campus Director for archiving. 
  • Waivers are available here:  

4. Training

  • All adults, including ISU students, working for or volunteering in a Program or event involving Children must go through training. 
  • Training is available here and must be completed every two years. If you do not see the following courses: Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct and Protecting Children: Shine A Light, contact Jolyn Osborne in Risk Management:
  • Evidence of completion of training will be required for audit purposes.

5. Exemptions to the Protection of Children Policy

  • Public Events (e.g., basketball or football games, concerts, theater productions)
  • Minors who are enrolled as students of the University
  • Minors on campus as part of a group, one-time day visit supervised by an organization (e.g., field trips for the purpose of attending a performance or a campus tour).
  • Minors who are accompanied by their parent/legal guardian.
  • Off-campus programs not administered or supervised by ISU that may utilize ISU faculty, students or staff in any capacity (e.g. off-campus service-learning, internships, student organization volunteer activities).

Whether an activity is covered by one or more of the exclusions listed above or not, anyone who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect has an affirmative duty to make an oral report to Child Protective Services (1-800-800-5556) or to local law enforcement, including the ISU Police Department (812-237-5555).


*Sponsoring Program/Department is defined as University faculty, staff, and students who come into contact with Children through their involvement in Programs, and volunteers not otherwise associated with the University who come into contact with Children through their involvement in Programs.

**The Responsible Party is defined as the adult ultimately responsible for the Program.