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Brand Photography

WIDE SHOTS: Avoid fake emotions and capture an honest scene with vibrancy.

EMOTION: Show people in their element, doing what they love.

NO BLACK & WHITE: Use full color, except when materials are printed in black and white or a single color.

NO COLOR OVERLAYS: Do not use added effects; the photography should be natural and genuine.

AUTHENTIC: For brand-related marketing, capture natural images of people in the moment, just being Sycamores. For certain approved campaign-related elements, subjects may make eye contact with the camera, but this should be only in rare instances. 

If you need assistance with photo selection or need photos to be taken for your project reach out to University Marketing photo/video request.

If you are a third-party seeking to use Indiana State’s campus for non-personal and non-media filming/photography you will need to submit our Third-Party Multimedia form.

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