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This applies only to items used internally by Indiana State University departments or organizations, where items are not for resale. If you wish to pursue ordering items for resale to the public, go to Trademarks and Licensing for more information.

How To Order

Follow these steps when placing an order for merchandise bearing Indiana State University trademarks:

1. Choose from an approved vendor from the list of licensed vendors for campus use. If you are having a unique product produced and it can’t be produced by Club Colors, University Marketing promotional items, or existing licensed vendor, please email Indiana State University is partnered with Club Colors to provide campus departments and organizations with promotional items but if another vendor can produce it at a lower price than Club Colors, the lowest bid prevails. You will need an approval form from University Marketing to give to Purchasing for all non-Club Color orders (see below).

2. Review Indiana State University identity standards and the Guidelines[1]  for Merchandise to ensure that any design created follows the guidelines set forth by the university.

3. Work with a licensed vendor to select a product and develop a design. University Marketing and the licensed vendor will communicate regarding any changes that need to be made before the order is filled.

Club Colors Orders

To place an order, go to or contact Yaryana (Yaya) Demska at 847-744-6061 x108, or cell 773-653-0678. This site allows departments to use their procurement cards for purchases within standard approved limits (typically $1,500 per transaction). Promotional items that total more than pro-card limits should be entered on a Banner requisition. See Requisitioned Items Over $1,500 section info below. Standard university logos are already loaded on the Club Colors website and are available for you to use on your promotional items.  Any non-standard university logos and designs must first be approved by University Marketing, prior to purchase.

Approval Form for Non-Club Colors Orders

Promotional items not found through Club Colors, or that are found from a competitor at a lower overall cost may be purchased with a procurement card (within existing per-transaction limits). Departments should first go to the Club Colors site to create a quote for desired shirts or promotional items and if the Club Colors quote is more expensive than that of another vendor, departments may proceed with the least expensive quote for like items.

Work with the vendor for your desired design that follows the Guidelines[1] . Send the vendor’s art design file to Jake prior to purchasing on the procurement card. Once the design is approved, Jake will provide an approval form that should be sent to Donna Scarbrough in the Controller’s Office, along with your current cycle procurement card receipts. If the order is over $1,500, send this approval form to Purchasing along with the other info below.

Request for Logos and Designs

Current restrictions from University Marketing include the use of the new university mark, on all printed materials (flyers, catalogs, etc), when space permits, subject to review and approval. Upon request, University Marketing will develop a logo for departments to be used for shirt and other promotional item orders. Please allow adequate time for staff to combine department requests into their regular work queue, as well as two working weeks to complete the bid/order process if ordering on a Banner requisition.

Requisitioned Items Over $1,500

Promotional items totaling under $1,500 can be ordered on a procurement card as long as the guidelines listed above are followed.  For the purchase of items totaling over $1,500, or beyond your per-transaction procard limit, a Banner requisition must be used. 

Provide as much descriptive information as possible in the line item text section, including:

1. Date of when you need the finished product (most important!)
2. Quantity
3. Fabric brand and blend of material (if applicable) such as Gildan all cotton, 50/50 poly-cotton, etc.
4. Sizes of apparel in men’s and women’s sizes, if applicable.
5. Color of items, apparel, etc. (i.e., blue shirt)
6. Color of logos (i.e., white imprint or embroidery)
7. Location of logo imprint if applicable (i.e., left breast, front center, back center, sleeve)
8. Type of color/logo application, such as imprint or embroidery for apparel. For more color codes, click here

Email the info above, the art design, approval form from University Marketing, and Banner requisition number to in Purchasing.

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